2021 Wrapped: The Best Digital PR Campaigns of the Year

2021 Best Digital PR

A successful digital PR campaign should boost brand recognition, build high-quality links, and strike a balance between newsworthiness and relevancy. That being said, creating a campaign that is picked up by a multitude of journalists and featured on top tier publications can be challenging in any year, nevermind an incredibly unpredictable one. So, as 2021 […]

Using Google Analytics & Google Trends API to Track Performance with R

Analytic Trends R

Why is Google Trends Data Powerful? We all know that Google captures a frightening amount of data about us. With billions of searches each day, Google can understand a lot more about our society and the sentiment of populations than governments. For example, search trends data can recognise disease outbreaks far before they are announced […]

SEO Keywords: The Long & Short of It

SEO Ruler

Keywords are an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. Incorporating keywords in your on-page copy can help search engines better understand your website and serve appropriate content to fulfil a relevant search query. When implemented effectively, a keyword strategy can help your web pages rank highly in the search engine results and drive high […]

8 Paid Media Tips for the Festive Season

Christmas Baubles

As we head into the busiest shopping period of the year, Paid Media Account Director, Nichole Webb shares her paid search tips and best practices for the holiday season. Plan as far in advance as possible While this may sound simple, it’s often easier said than done. While juggling existing campaigns, preparing for several months […]