Close the loop on revenue attribution & start optimising towards ROI

Rethink digital channel performance measurement with S.A.M by shifting the focus away from vanity metrics and unreliable platform conversion data to actual revenue gained from leads in your CRM database.

Our developers and data experts will audit your current CRM platform, digital channel performance and tracking infrastructure for seamless setup and integration of S.A.M for your business.

Drive business growth with intelligent systematic attribution of marketing

S.A.M allows for granular tracking and measurement of revenue data to drive profitable growth for your business, as well as intelligent data sharing across teams to increase potential for delivering strategic success and establishing a competitive advantage.

Semetrical Technology

Smarter budget management based on the metrics that matter

Understand the real ROI value of each digital channel by integrating your CRM and Google Analytics. Leverage S.A.M’s smart reporting capabilities to inform your marketing plan and budget allocation, and make informed decisions based on revenue and lead quality rather than vanity metrics.

Unlock the full potential of S.A.M Technology

Harness S.A.M’s intelligent features to enable revenue attribution and inform smarter strategic decision-making to maximise ROI.

  • Secure data privacy- GDPR Compliant
  • Compatible with leading and bespoke CRM platforms
  • Client IDs passed between Google Analytics and your CRM platform
  • Lead sales stages automatically updated in Google Analytics
  • Long term attribution to support B2B sales cycle measurement
  • Automatic retrospective attribution of revenue to conversion numbers in Google Analytics
  • Granular S.A.M reports to calculate ROI in Google Analytics
  • Use S.A.M reports to optimise your Paid campaign bidding strategies based on ROI
  • Identify most profitable customer segments based on ROI in Google Analytics
  • Use S.A.M reports to prioritise your SEO roadmap and develop your digital strategy for ROI

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