Keyword Research Services

We adopt a comprehensive research approach to understanding the digital landscape of your industry, including a range of keyword research services. Our SEO team begins with keyword research and competitor analysis.

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Keyword Research Services

Data Driven Keyword Intelligence

Keyword research forms the foundation of all digital marketing strategies, as it enables us to understand what users are searching for, and exactly how they search. Using our bespoke in-house tools, we can segment hundreds of thousands of keywords, analysing on a granular level to identify keyword combinations and longtail keyword variations.

Our detailed keyword analysis informs multiple strategies from PPC campaign builds and social media strategies to buyer persona development and website architecture recommendations.

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Keyword Research Services

We adopt a comprehensive research approach to understanding the digital landscape of your industry, including a range of keyword research services. Our SEO team begins with keyword research and competitor analysis.

Our keyword research process begins with keyword identification. Our SEO experts leverage their experience and our bespoke technologies to identify all possible keyword topics and sub topics that will be relevant and valuable for our clients. We are also use leading third party keyword research tools like Google Ads, Semrush, Search Console and various others.

We use our in-house bespoke keyword research technology to categorise our keywords into topics and sub topics. Our advanced usage of RegEx formulas and deep understanding of user search funnels enables us to identify up to hundreds of thousands of keywords and precisely categorise them based on topic, or intent.

The search landscape is complicated and ever changing. It’s imperative to understand where the SEO opportunities are across the keywords that are relevant to your products or services. We use leading keyword ranking tracking solutions, in combination with advanced award winning SEO techniques, to categorise search query intent and analyse SERP layouts to inform how to optimise website content to achieve visibility in search engines.

It’s vital to undertake SEO competitor analysis as part of an initial state of play audit to highlight keyword gaps and lucrative opportunities to gain share of search. At Semetrical, we believe we wrote the book on SEO gap analysis (seriously, Google ‘SEO Gap Analysis’), and use these insights to deliver comprehensive SEO strategies.

Identifying what users are searching for in search engines is crucial for any keyword research agency and is at the heart of all SEO services. Before our SEO team begins optimising a website or planning a campaign, we need to know what keywords we want to rank for and conduct extensive research to reach target audiences. It’s useless generating tons of traffic if the traffic we’re receiving isn’t relevant, as that won’t generate sales.

Keyword research is a great way to reveal gaps in your industry market and gives us the opportunity to fill those gaps using, perhaps, a phrase that is searched for regularly but that is a little more niche.

Search intent research involves discovering what people are looking for when they search for something and the kind of words they are using in their searches. Even the smallest differences in wording can be crucial to generating the right type of traffic!

Semetrical can help you identify relevant industry keywords and search intent to target over short, mid and long terms to help you gain visibility on search engines and increase conversions.

At Semetrical, we invest in leading industry tools and technology but we also have our in-house keyword research tool which enables us to breakdown and segment hundreds of thousands of keywords. Our keyword research tool is built on different libraries and this helps us identify the most obscure terms that users may be searching for in an industry. These obscure terms are ones you may not have ever thought about otherwise, such as niche colours, styles and prints that users could be searching for.

Our SEO strategies are built on the foundations of keyword research as we use keyword data to help inform our strategies and our priorities. This insight has helped our teams achieve outstanding results and help clients exceed their digital ambitions.

For instance, our partnership with the UK’s leading online job market, Fish4jobs, succeeded at increasing their organic blog traffic by 100Kpm. Semetrical began by auditing the Fish4jobs websites and conducting extensive keyword research to identify and segment across thousands of semantically relevant search queries used by those searching for jobs. This work brought light to substantial opportunities to increase SEO visibility through informational keywords. We achieved a 30% increase in total organic traffic to the Fish4jobs website and a 636% YOY increase to their site’s blog.

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