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The technical aspects of your website are just as important as the visuals, and without putting work into mitigating against algorithmic penalties, your site’s performance could suffer consequently.

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Website SEO Audit Services

Investing in technical SEO means investing in your site’s success and ensuring technical audits are taking place to assess the health of your site. Once we’ve got a full picture of this, we can start optimising to ensure your site is performing at its full potential and getting as much visibility in the search results as possible. This will all help your site compete against others and help your business grow.

When we conduct a technical SEO audit, there are 11 fundamental areas that are reviewed, Some of these areas include: domain level checks, URL setup, indexability of the site, structured data, website architecture, internal linking, speed tests and many more.

At Semetrical, our expert SEO team have experience auditing large scale websites with over 2M+ URLs and also small websites that only have a handful of URLs. We pride ourselves on the depth we go into when undertaking a technical SEO audit, with our large scale SEO audits covering over 200 individual checks.

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Technical SEO audit services

Our specialist Technical SEO team offers a wide range of services, designed to diagnose issues on your website and create bespoke solutions. We carry out in-depth technical, speed, internal linking and content audits to inform a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our award winning SEO experts will conduct a full technical audit on both mobile and desktop versions of your site to identify any major technical issues that could be impacting the crawlability or indexation of the site.

Our in-depth speed audits will review all of the main templates on your website from a speed perspective and our SEO experts will provide actionable recommendations that will make a difference.

For some large scale websites a separate in-depth internal linking audit is needed. This audit will review overlinked and underlinked pages on the website and provide strategic internal linking recommendations.

An in-depth review into the content platform from both a crawlability perspective and also the backend setup. The tag and category setup will also be audited to see if it is optimal from an SEO perspective.

A technical SEO audit refers to the process of checking the health of your website, looking at all technical aspects, and identifying whether anything needs to be fixed or improved to improve its ranking performance in search engine results.

These checks are so important since SEO and search algorithms are always changing, and there is a need to keep up-to-date constantly. If you’re not always assessing your site’s performance, you may suffer losses in traffic and this traffic could be going to your competitors.

At Semetrical, we have lots of experience auditing websites in a wide array of industries, ranging anything from e-commerce, property, job sites etc. In our years of auditing websites, we have come across a multitude of issues and have worked with our clients to rectify these and help their sites flourish. Our large scale technical SEO audits cover over 200 individual checks

All of our audits are accompanied by a clear technical SEO roadmap, where our teams will prioritise issues based on impact and resource so we can make improvements to your site as efficiently as possible. Our teams will ensure that all our findings are digestible to different audiences for easy comprehension and will offer award-winning technical SEO services accordingly.

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