Driving Organic Growth for Leading Office Provider

Orega is a leading office provider in the UK, offering high-spec serviced office space in the most desirable business locations.

Increase in traffic to serviced office pages YOY
Increase in organic leads from the serviced office pages YOY


Semerical was tasked with increasing quality organic traffic and leads generated through ‘serviced’ office location pages on the Orega website, as well as generating greater brand visibility through exploring and optimising new blog and link building opportunities.

We began this project at the start of a very turbulent period, amidst a global pandemic where government restrictions prevented people from going into the office and a large proportion of the nation worked from home. We also navigated through a total of 15 Google algorithm updates along the way.

Despite these challenges, we set out to deliver on Orega’s key objectives, using the following strategies:

Industry Service Area

We began working with Semetrical during one of the most challenging years, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and many people being forced to work from home. Nonetheless, working together, we succeeded at increasing rankings for our priority pages and gained valuable backlinks from high authority publications.

Amar Sanghera, Digital Marketing Manager at Orega


Leveraging a combination of technical SEO, on-site content optimisation, Digital PR and Analytics insight to achieve +170.7% YOY growth.

The Semetrical SEO team began by conducting an in-depth SEO audit, including comprehensive industry keyword research and landscape gap analysis, using this to identify potential content opportunities. These opportunities comprised a combination of existing blog and landing page optimisations, internal linking strategies and new blogs creation. All findings were compiled in a matrix, with particular attention paid to the key serviced office location pages.

The content team implemented changes based on priorities, delivering on quick-win opportunities, such as changing meta titles and descriptions, as well as enriching on-page copy for landing pages and writing informative blog content with optimal internal linking to support the target landing pages.

We also adopted an off-page SEO strategy, whereby the Digital PR team delivered a series of ongoing campaigns and newsjacking to raise brand visibility and gain valuable backlinks to the Orega site, particularly the focus location pages. This was informed by an in-depth competitor link profile audit and regular monitoring of industry trends and journalist requests.

Orega’s technical aspects of the site were another crucial focus for us. We undertook a technical SEO audit and used our findings to inform site changes, focusing on Core Web Vital metrics, duplicate content, error pages and redirects.

In addition to our key focus points, Semetrical provided ongoing SEO consultancy, including site changes to improve E-A-T and working closely with Orega’s development agency to implement site changes to improve Core Web Vital metrics.

Semetrical’s Analytics team implemented our SAM technology to integrate HubSpot with Google Analytics, allowing the data from offline transactions to be attributed to their original online source. This not only provided value to Semetrical’s work, but also optimised SEO strategy as we focused on driving traffic to the landing pages that were shown to generate the most revenue.


Semetrical achieved Orega’s core objectives using a comprehensive omni-channel strategy, successfully increasing site traffic, conversions, blog and landing page rankings, and gaining high-authority backlinks.
Despite the overall search trend decreasing for ‘office space’ related terms, we succeeded at increasing organic traffic and revenue to Orega’s site.

We delivered continued improvement and maintenance of keyword rankings over a 9-month period, with 108 keywords improved and 69 maintained. This includes 107 of which rank in the top 1-10 positions and several featured snippets for blog content. Moreover, in just 6 months, we achieved a 99% increase in non-brand clicks to the serviced office pages.

We also contributed to an increase in lead quality since the start of our project with organic goals increasing significantly, along with organic visits.

With Semetrical’s SAM tool, we succeeded at tracking 86% of all transactions that have occurred after a website form submission from 2021 onwards, helping to identify the landing pages that have generated the most revenue.

And, as a result of our Digital PR activity and deliverables, we gained links across sites with an average domain authority of 70 and reached a combined readership of over 5.4 million. This includes the likes of MyLondon, Startups Magazine and Bristol24/7.

Semetrical’s work with Orega was shortlisted for the Best Use of Data Award at the European Search Awards 2022.

Increase in traffic to serviced office pages YOY
Increase in organic leads from the serviced office pages YOY
Average domain authority

The account team has been a pleasure to work with, demonstrating professionalism and expertise across technical SEO, on-site content, Digital PR and Analytics. The team provided weekly and monthly reports, taking a proactive data-driven approach to navigate the strategy, with our KPIs always in mind.

Amar Sanghera, Digital Marketing Manager at Orega