Google Analytics 4 Services

We have extensive experience implementing and optimising Google Analytics 4 (GA4) installations as well as leveraging the new features of the platform to help deliver fresh insights into customer behaviours.

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Google Analytics 4 Services

Setting Up GA4 Installations

GA4 may be new to some, but at Semetrical we have years of experience dealing with Google’s event-centric tracking model in various forms. We have robust implementation procedures that will help you keep all your existing tracking insights whilst getting the most out of the new GA4 product features.

With Google now sunsetting the old version of the platform in July 2023, many established companies need to migrate their tracking over to GA4. Additionally, if you are a new site about to launch, you will need to consider GA4 as your primary tracking method.

Get Ready for GA4

Let us help you adopt and adapt to using Google Analytics 4 as your primary tracking platform quickly and efficiently. Ahead of Universal Analytics (UA) sunsetting in July 2023.

GA4 Training & Consultancy Services

We understand that one of the biggest challenges when switching to a new platform can be user adoption.

We have a range of training options to help stakeholders understand the nuances of the new GA4 platform and become comfortable using it themselves.

We can review your current Universal Analytics setup and give you clear step by step instructions on how to migrate tracking over to a fresh GA4 installation. We can also look to identify opportunities where tracking can be improved.

If you are starting from scratch or moving from old to new, we can help setup a new Google Analytics 4 installation for you quickly and efficiently. Working with Google Tag Manager, we can seamlessly manage your GA4 setup with no additional development resource required, providing a robust analytics infrastructure that allows you to understand your customers better.

Once you have Google Analytics 4 up and running, Semetrical can provide ongoing data insights and analytics consultancy services that allow you to get the most out of your data. We offer a wide range of flexible services working with in-house stakeholders to provide ongoing support or one-off projects including UX audits.

We have a range of in-house technologies that specialise in centralising data sources such as GA with CRMs. Using Google’s native Big Query integration, it also opens the possibility of merging databases to help de-silo your most important data for deeper analysis.

GA4 represents a big transition from Universal Analytics and whilst it provides a lot of new features it also changes how you perform regular reporting tasks. We offer a range of flexible Google Analytics 4 training sessions that we can roll-out in-person or remotely to help educate your teams and upskill your staff. Find out more about our GA4 Training packages.

Google Analytics 4 represents Google’s vision for the future of tracking. Instead of basing analytics around pageviews, this is now replaced with an event based model which better represents the browsing behaviour of modern websites.

In addition, Google Analytics puts machine learning at the core of the platform allowing for better understanding of customer behaviour as well as in-built predictive analytics functions that help you to understand how to optimise your digital strategies.

The biggest advantage of Google Analytics 4 is the ability to own the raw data which can be stored in Big Query.

It also has machine learning at its core which means its better placed to understand and advise on the potential of your audiences.

We advise clients to get a functioning GA4 setup live as soon as possible.

The free version of Universal Analytics will stop collecting new hits in July 2023.

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