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With over 1 billion active users and this figure only set to rise, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms used by marketers all around the world.

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Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Advertising Agency

The great thing about instagram is that it allows users to follow the brands they love and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and products.

This makes it an effective tool for connecting with your target audience and communicating with them directly through social media, be that through paid carousel ads, video ads, photo ads, Paid stories or organic social media methods.

At Semetrical, we offer Paid Instagram advertising services to help grow your brand, raise awareness, increase traffic to your website, increase the quality and quantity of leads and improve sales.

Instagram is powered by Facebook which means you manage your Instagram Ads using Facebook’s Ad Manager as well as your Facebook Ads at the same time. This also means that similar to Facebook, Instagram has a range of targeting features which enable you to harness the data available and use it to your advantage.

This includes finding Instagram profiles similar to that of existing customers who are most likely to resonate with your brand, seeing who is watching your promotional videos or looking at your posts, and targeting ads at the users who visit your site most. This all allows for hyper-relevant Instagram campaigns to catch your user’s attention.

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Our Instagram Advertising Services

As an Instagram Marketing Agency, we offer a wide selection of services designed to help your business build effective campaigns, generate leads and increase sales. Our Instagram Advertising services include:

We review and implement the appropriate Instagram pixels on your website for conversion tracking purposes.

We create bespoke strategies which are unique to your business and are designed to meet your goals.

Our expert team conducts a full audit of your existing campaign activity in order to better understand your previous performance and identify possible opportunities.

We conduct detailed audience research in order to develop hyper-relevant Instagram campaigns that will resonate with your target audience.

Our creative teams design ads to represent your brand identity but still consider your campaign goals.

On an on-going basis, we will monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure everything is running smoothly.

All our clients receive bespoke performance reports, including all relevant data, progress and insights of your Instagram campaign.

Semetrical is a full-service digital marketing agency, comprising specialists in a range of service areas, including Analytics, Content, SEO, PPC and Social Media. Together, we will work closely with you to deliver the most effective hyper-relevant campaigns, designed especially for Instagram and optimised to the last detail.

Our teams take the time to fully understand your brand values and business goals, as well as carry out thorough research to scope out the market and take insights from competitors. We use the latest third-party technologies and have also developed bespoke cutting edge technologies to leverage data, support our work and provide measurable results.

We will provide you with in-depth performance reports on a daily and monthly basis, to keep you up-to-date and follow the progress of your campaigns.

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At Semetrical, we offer a wide range of specialist digital marketing services, with technology and data at the core of everything we do.

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