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We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in London that offers online user behaviour analysis and website tracking services. Our approach is data-driven and proven to deliver effective results.

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Website Tracking Services

Multi-channel tracking

Website tracking analyses traffic data and conversions, and attributes it to a specific marketing activity or campaign that has led the user to take the desired action. Multi-channel website tracking encompasses all your running campaigns across any channel, be that organic search, email, social or paid media. This enables you to identify which channels have the most referrals and are most effective, so that you can best inform future marketing plans.

There’s no need to make blind marketing decisions when you can access all the necessary data to capitalise on the right channels. For example, if you can see that the majority of your website traffic derives from organic search then this could mean you have a successful SEO strategy that is worth investing further in. It could also suggest you may need to focus more resources on your other channels in order to increase ROI.

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Our website tracking services

Our experienced Analytics team offers bespoke website tracking services to achieve your business KPIs. This includes everything from diagnosing tracking issues and testing solutions to cross-channel tracking and performance attribution.

Key stakeholder collaboration: We work alongside our clients in order to offer full transparency and ensure we are delivering the services they require in order to reach their business goals.

Primary & secondary KPIs: We take the time to understand business aims and the supplementary events to achieve them, which is extremely important when reporting.

Event & funnel definitions: Our teams will identify how users interact with the business across a multi-channel approach in order to give us an enriched expert understanding of which channel can deliver valuable insights.

Flexible tracking: We build solutions to suit our clients and solve business issues. We will not recommend a change if it is not beneficial to the business.

Multiple devices & platforms: Digital marketing is not specific to just one device or platform. We will ensure our clients have visibility over every aspect of the marketing strategy so that they can make the correct data driven decisions.

Full funnel attribution: Understanding our clients strategy from every perspective will enable us to make decisions that will result in positive results.

Direct implementation & testing: In addition to creating a plan for our recommendations, we have extensive experience in implementing accurate and future-proof infrastructures.

Issue tracking & solutions: We will identify any tracking issues, such as 404 errors, and highlight variance in conversion rates, such as in different device types.

New domain & product testing: The tracking environment for website’s and applications are always changing but we will ensure all tracking is operational and ensure no data is lost during the migration process.

User touchpoint definitions: It is just as important to understand the interactions leading up to a conversion as it is to record the conversion itself. This information is key to helping us optimise our clients’ site and benefit their business.

Cross channel tracking: By implementing mechanisms to understand the connection between various channels, we will gain detailed insights to inform where resources and budget should be allocated.

Attribution report testing: Accuracy is paramount to any analytics implementation as if you can’t trust the data then it is useless to your business. Semetrical operates with a rigorous quality assurance process.

Efficient measurement is key to understanding your customers effectively. At Semetrical, our expert Analytics team has significant experience in working with a wide range of web tracking platforms, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe
  • Kochava
  • Firebase
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Hotjar

Depending on your existing infrastructure, we can install from scratch, rebuild or help you optimise what’s already there using your platform of choice. We understand that every business has a unique set of challenges, so we approach each project from a flexible angle with the aim of providing the insights that are most important to your business.

We begin by outlining your goals and using our expertise to create a proposal to best suit your needs. The initial review stage takes into consideration:

  • Business KPIs
  • Web and App scope
  • Web and App KPIs
  • Ideal user journeys
  • Historic tracking review
  • Key marketing channels
  • CRM and Offline data storage
  • Current and ideal reporting templates

We use the MoScow technique to prioritise different elements and organise our strategy into stage plans. In order to keep you up to date we use project management tools, such as Trello boards, which offer all parties on-going visibility on plans and progress. Our teams will also provide you with bespoke reports on a regular basis to give you full insight into your campaign performance and development.

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