Google Analytics Health Check & Audit Services

We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in London that offers Google Analytics health checks and auditing services to help ensure your business gets the most out of its data.

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Google Analytics Health Check & Audit Services

Google Analytics Health Check

If you want to make sure you are tracking the correct metrics and attributing them to the original source accurately, data integrity and quality are key. Compromised or incorrect data is futile when it comes to business growth.

In order to make informed decisions and meet your KPIs, you need to report accurate data from Google Analytics. We can help you rebuild your confidence and trust in your data with Google Analytics audit services and Google Analytics health checks.

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Google Analytics Health Check & Audit Services

Benefit from Google Analytics setup by our team of data experts, as well as personalised website tracking and on-going performance reports.

Our analytics experts set up a logical structure with filter options for focused views of data that enable detailed analysis. We investigate user management to determine who has access to your company data, and then take measures to protect it. As part of our account level services, we’ll monitor Google Analytics admin panel to stop reporting on completed campaigns, as well as prevent reporting inconsistencies.

We will also remove any bot traffic which can invalidate your data and this allows for more accurate reporting. It’s our passion to integrate data sources in the Google Analytics interface to offer you more insight and support channel performance.

Our core tracking implementation involves a range of different options based on your requirements. Following our initial audit, we can implement a number of analytics solutions. These include setting up referral source and hostname view checks to ensure accurate data attribution. We can also set up cross domain tracking to understand user behaviour based on how they navigate between your domains.

We can investigate irregular metric variances, including bounce rate or session duration, which ensures data integrity. Browser and decision performance checks can be undertaken to ensure your website is designed optimally across all platforms to enhance user experience and conversion rates. Our analytics experts are trained to understand personal identifiable information (PII) and monitor your account to ensure GDPR compliance.

You can trust us to establish a comprehensive reporting infrastructure for your business. We use custom dimensions and groupings to allow for quicker data processing, and improved insights from granular analysis. We set up events monitoring to better understand user behaviour and optimise the user experience accordingly.

Our experts use advanced audience segmentation to understand why your audience makes certain decisions and these insights enable the optimisation of the conversion funnel. We can work with you to establish goals and KPIs reporting to measure success of improving the performance of your website. Alerts are set up to notify you of abnormal fluctuations in core metrics and allows for agile solutions to be implemented.

Poor data quality can be easily identified with a Google Analytics audit, for example through unrealistic bounce rates, misalignments between data and actual business performance or channel performance, as well as missing data.

A Google Analytics audit delves deep into your set-up, conducting an in-depth analysis and identifying if there are any issues. Using this analysis, we can help you get to the bottom of any data discrepancies and implement innovative solutions.

There are many reasons you may need to conduct a Google Analytics audit, the most common being to inform budget decisions, to collate traffic data, integrate tracking for multiple sites, attribute campaign activity or for a website migration. Whatever the reason, a GA audit means you can report with confidence and make the right decisions with accurate data.

Google Analytics updates happen all the time so it’s important to make sure you are getting the most out of the newest platform features, while also ensuring optimum compatibility and security. A Google Analytics audit can help you identify new opportunities to improve tracking to better understand your customer journey and increase the efficiency of ongoing tracking maintenance.

Just like the name suggests, a Google Analytics health check measures the performance of your setup and ensures it is functioning properly- similar to the GP giving you a checkup to make sure you’re fit and healthy.

A Google Analytics health check can identify suspicious trends in your data that might indicate underlying tracking issues or poor on-site customer experience. We use this to then apply an effective fix or see some quick wins; you are most likely to experience tracking issues if you have been undergoing site changes. After we’ve solved any potential problems, we can then go on to recommend advanced tracking configurations to further optimise your GA and help you improve site performance.

Our expert Analytics team have curated an in-depth Google Analytics audit template which we use to cover all elements of tracking and have developed over years of reviews. We use a simple traffic light system to clearly flag high priority areas and make improvements accordingly.

We have experience working across a wide range of sectors which means we are able to identify tell-tale signs that there may be issues with your Google Analytics setup. One of the most complex projects we have worked on involved auditing and installing tracking for leading web-infrastructure and website-security company, Cloudflare. Working closely with the Cloudflare team, we were able to coordinate the management of client data across 19 different markets to optimise the Paid strategy, helping improve lead attribution and inform targeting. Optimising Cloudflare’s use of data, allowed us to exceed targets and achieve an overall 239% increase in Paid conversions and 650% increase in traffic YOY.

If you suspect there may be an issue with your Google Analytics or you’re looking for Google Analytics audit services to improve your use of data, get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.

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