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Fashion Digital Marketing Services

Fashion Marketing Services

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive out there and brands are becoming ever-more reliant on finding ways to improve organic traffic and build their customer base. At Semetrical, we understand the challenges that fashion brands are facing and have experience in finding new and innovative ways to solve them. Our approach is always data-driven and tailored specifically to client needs as an ecommerce business requires a bespoke strategy to ensure products gain maximum visibility across all digital channels.

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Fashion Digital Marketing Services

We offer an extensive range of fashion digital marketing services, including: ecommerce SEO, paid media, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), content marketing, digital PR, CRM and social media services. We are a full-service agency and work collaboratively across teams to deliver outstanding results. Our main objectives are to see increased relevant traffic to your website, improved search rankings, increased transactions and higher conversion rates however this will vary depending on our clients digital ambitions.

Our teams offer exceptional services for every channel of digital marketing, and will craft a bespoke fashion marketing strategy that caters for your unique business needs. Our strategies are informed by in-depth analysis of your competitors, granular keyword research, SERPs analysis and backlink audits. We use all this to identify the opportunities to grow your fashion business online and drive results.

Our paid media specialists can audit any pre-existing PPC, display, programmatic or social media campaigns you have in order to identify opportunities for optimisation. Our paid media campaigns are optimised using information gathered from our industry keyword research and persona development. This helps build strategies, catered to your fashion business that will drive traffic and help you to achieve your objectives through paid media channels.

At Semetrical, everything we do is rooted in data and we use this to our advantage as a means to deliver measurable results. We use data to unlock the full potential of your website through setting up tracking and identifying meaningful insights from this, in order to inform a wider strategy for your business. Our CRO experts will gather data, analyse it and turn it into actionable insights, designed to improve user experience and increase conversion rates across all web and digital marketing channels.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer content marketing and digital PR services as part of an integrated ecommerce strategy. This is a proven way to improve your SEO and support all other digital channels. Our specialised teams consist of social media, experts who can conduct social listening, audience research, social platform audits and community management services that will help build brand awareness, brand loyalty, online traffic and, ultimately, revenue.  Our specialised teams work collaboratively across all digital channels and work effectively as an extension to each other, as well as to current in-house teams.

As a fashion business, you will likely have an extensive amount of products that your potential customers are searching for online. This means it is essential to conduct detailed and thorough digital marketing research to identify all of the opportunities to reach your audiences across all stages of the funnel and position all your products effectively in relation to your target audiences too. With a thorough understanding of your audiences, you can craft your website content to satisfy their needs and build a strong foundation for growth.

As a full-service digital marketing agency with years of experience, we can provide you with a long-term strategy and high quality services that integrate digital channels to drive significant traffic growth to your site, increase conversion rates and improve revenue. All the while, we’ll ensure you’re building brand awareness and maintaining a positive brand reputation with the relevant audiences.

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At Semetrical, we offer a wide range of specialist digital marketing services, with technology and data at the core of everything we do.

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