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We are an award-winning Paid Media agency based in London. Our expert teams have extensive experience providing bespoke Paid Media services, proven to deliver successful results.

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Paid Media Agency

An award winning Paid Media agency

No matter the size of your business, we create bespoke strategies tailored to your needs. Our omni-channel campaigns are engineered from highly effective combinations of PPC, Paid Social, Programmatic, Display, Shopping and App to deliver market-leading results. We provide transparent and in-depth analysis for each of our clients to ensure ultimate success.

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Our Paid Media Services

The Paid Media services we provide for our clients have led us to win or make the shortlist of a number of recent awards including: Semetrical Win Best Small Biddable Agency at the UK Biddable Awards 2020, Semetrical Nominated for Best Buy Side Agency at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards 2021.

We conduct in-depth keyword research, omni-channel integration and hyper-relevant audience targeting.

We develop creative Paid Social campaigns across a range of platforms to reach your target audiences.

Using real-time bidding and transparent inventories, we target customers at each stage of the sales funnel.

Our bespoke strategies are optimised towards target ROI and we provide detailed performance reports.

Paid media is a form of digital advertising that involves promoting content through paid search, social media, display & video ads, pop-ups, and other promoted multimedia. With millions of pounds being invested in ads on a daily basis, it is a core factor in driving revenue growth and expanding brand reach across many businesses.

With the continued growth of digital demand, Paid Media maintains a key role in a brand’s marketing plan. Sophisticated targeting capabilities provide the ability to reach millions across the full customer journey and deliver a return on investment. 

Here are the key benefits of Paid Media advertising:

  1. Multiple Platforms – With a wide range of platforms to choose from, campaigns are available to suit every business need. You can tailor your messaging and consistently test to see what works best.
  2. Granular Targeting – Making use of intent-based keywords and hyper-relevant audience targeting, Paid Media is effective in catching the attention of highly engaged audiences. Leveraging first and third-party data, as well as remarketing to previous site visitors improves targeting capabilities to nurture a user through their journey.
  3. Measurable – Campaigns can support a wide range of KPIs, with full visibility over core metrics such as spend, traffic, conversions and, most importantly, ROI. Online user behaviour continues to change over time, so measuring results and testing remains important for your business to adapt and grow.
  4. Organic Support – Relying on organic content alone can leave gaps in how you reach your audience. Paid ads offer the ability to promote your brand to qualified leads, stave off competitors and maintain visibility where your organic rankings may not be as strong.

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At Semetrical, we offer a wide range of specialist digital marketing services, with technology and data at the core of everything we do.

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