Cementing International Brand Authority

Your Overseas Home is a new property website for international property buyers looking to relocate or buy a second home abroad safely. Semetrical was enlisted to drive organic visibility and establish Your Overseas Home as the go-to website for those looking to buy property abroad.

Increase in organic traffic
Link to coverage rate


As the Your Overseas Home website was in its infancy and with no digital footprint to springboard from, Semetrical was tasked with increasing traffic volume to Your Overseas Home’s website and improving its organic rankings.

Increasing brand awareness through Digital PR and backlink acquisition from top-tier media was also a priority, as well as positioning its knowledgeable team of experts as specialists in the industry. The following considerations were vital:

  • Ideas needed to be fun, but also genuinely insightful
  • Ideas had to appeal to clients at all stages of the buying journey and the general consumer
  • Content needed to land on top-tier national, lifestyle, travel, consumer, and expat press.
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The Semetrical team has been instrumental in helping us launch and start to grow the Your Overseas Home brand. In a relatively short period of time, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our rankings, and have been impressed by the Digital PR and SEO team’s ideas, execution and speed of delivery.

Christopher Nye, Senior Editor at Your Overseas Home


Our campaign began with a comprehensive technical SEO strategy. We needed to migrate a number of property pages onto the Your Overseas Home domain in a short period of time. Our expansive experience within the property industry, along with our knowledge of migrations, helped to ensure a smooth transition of the property portal onto Your Overseas Home’s domain. This involved:

  1. Go Live analysis and ongoing reviews to ensure the new property portal on the Your Overseas Home domain was crawlable, indexable and well-optimised.
  2. Technical SEO audit to work through over 200 tests and provide detailed and prioritised technical fixes for any identified issues.
  3. Technical SEO consultancy to provide regular reviews and analysis of any ongoing tech issues, and any updates made to the domain.
  4. Country-specific market research that involved keyword research, landscape analysis, and content strategy for priority countries.

Once this had been achieved, we adopted three key Digital PR tactics to secure high-quality, relevant online coverage and links to Your Overseas Home’s website:

1. PR Stories

As Your Overseas Home operates in popular and saturated markets, we utilised its unique data to reveal newsworthy buying insights. This helped us create one-of-a-kind stories that would appeal to their niche target audience and the general media, to establish the brand as an authority. Some of these included:

  • The most popular Spanish resorts for holiday homes and expats
  • Half of overseas property owners plan to work from their European holiday homes
  • Buyers reveal their holiday home must-haves

2. Reactive Pitching and Newsjacking

Using the news agenda to our advantage, the Digital PR team offered expert commentary on topical events being covered by the media. For example, when the UK experienced its hottest heatwave to date, the property consultants at Your Overseas Home offered readers tips on how to keep their homes cool and how to get rid of mosquitos.

3. Data-led Content

We used our knowledge of the property industry to build a campaign based on celebrity holiday home hotspots in the European countries in that Your Overseas Home operates.

Semetrical researched well-known celebrities and the locations they choose to buy their second homes, and plotted them into a shareable map hosted on the Your Overseas Home website. We pulled out several newsworthy hooks and angles to share with relevant journalists.


The campaign ran for two months, from 1st June to 31st August 2022, and achieved incredible results.

  • 700+% increase in organic traffic during this period
  • 82 items of media coverage with an average Domain Rating of 62
  • 62 links acquired, including 20 ‘follow’ links
  • 75% link to coverage rate
  • Your Overseas Home’s Domain Rating has increased from 18 to 25
  • Coverage and backlinks from high authority media sites, including:
    • The Times
    • HuffPost
    • The Sun
    • Daily Star
    • Express
    • Houseladder.co.uk
    • Expat Media
Increase in organic traffic
Link to coverage rate
Media mentions
New links

Combining our overseas property experience and knowledge, with Semetrical’s contacts, quality writers and proactive approach has been a huge success.

Christopher Nye, Senior Editor at Your Overseas Home