Avoid crawling issues and negative traffic impacts

Meet Tomo, a handy tool to avoid any unexpected issues with your robots.txt files. Tomo gets its name from the Japanese word for ‘friend’, and you can count on it to be there when you need it.

Having a well-configured robots.txt file is crucial to ensure your website is crawled efficiently by search engine crawlers. By preventing low-value URLs from consuming crawl budget, you can enhance the indexing of your website in search engines and reduce server costs. Moreover, with Tomo, you can avoid robots directives that are preventing valuable pages from being crawled and indexed.

Tomo’s quick and efficient identification of issues with robots rules ensures that your website runs smoothly, without any undetected problems. So, rest assured that Tomo is here to make your life easier!

Configure tests for multiple URLs and user agent tokens

Unlike other free robots.txt monitoring tools, Tomo uses a Test Driven Development methodology to help you test your URLs against multiple user agent tokens, such as Googlebot and Bingbot. Tomo runs these tests against your live robots.txt to see if it produces the expected results, and it can be used to safely update a robots.txt file before it goes live.

Tomo’s test-based approach eliminates errors and allows the robots.txt to be written to meet your requirements, helping you prevent any issues with crawling and indexing.

Receive live alerts of any changes to your robots.txt file

Tomo can alert you within the hour to changes on your live robots.txt file, enabling you to act on any errors before it’s seen by search engines.

The tool automatically suppresses ‘false positive’ notifications caused by network connection issues or temporary server errors. You can trust you’ll only be alerted when the robots file has really changed.

For your convenience, alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses, Slack or Microsoft Teams channels to notify the right people and quickly resolve any issues.

Unlock the full potential of Tomo technology

Tomo is every SEO’s best friend. Without it, you may unknowingly allow your traffic to plummet, or worse have your site removed from Google Search at any given moment!

  • Avoid any unexpected changes going unnoticed without wasting time on false positives.
  • Optimise crawling efficiency to improve indexing and reduce server costs by blocking low value URLs.
  • Avoid a negative impact on your search engine traffic by identifying URLs that are blocked by mistake.
  • Update and improve your robots.txt files with confidence that there are no errors.
  • Easily manage notifications for a large number of websites using project grouping.

Gain exclusive access today

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Simply fill out your details and see how your business can benefit from the capabilities of our Tomo robots.txt monitoring tool.