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We have experience aggregating ecommerce and customer behavioural data from multiple sources, such as Shopify and Bold. We generate insights that can help make sense of basket performance, customer lifetime value and subscription performance, displaying findings clearly within our tailored dashboards.

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Ecommerce Reporting

Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

Ecommerce reporting can typically be a tedious manual task involving multiple data sources. Here at Semetrical, we focus on streamlining this process in a way that aggregates these data sources into a single, centralised location. We can present these findings in our tailored dashboards that are easy to access to allow you to keep up to date with reporting.

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Ecommerce Data Services

Our team at Semetrical can help you utlise your data to inform data-driven decisions and generate powerful insights. Following a logical process, we work towards getting the views and data you want in one place.

Utilising customers order data, we can start to paint the picture of patterns and trends that are otherwise not readily available. For instance, can you name the 10 most popular and effective basket combinations on your site? Using this information, decisions can be made around different types of offers to enhance revenue and sales going forwards.

Bring your reporting to life with our tailored dashboards. We understand the importance of having your reporting in a centralised location. That’s why we look to aggregate data from a range of ecommerce sources, and with the help of our experts in dashboard creation are able to visualise reporting cleanly.

We at Semetrical look to provide value through ecommerce analysis through a multitude of ways. Some examples of previous insights we have given involve looking at basket combos. If you know your best performing baskets, this can be a useful tool to help develop special offers and maximise revenue. Another example would be looking at customer lifetime value – whilst this can lead to better understanding the revenue generated by customers, you can also look to see average drop off points and optimise strategies to enhance customer retention and reduce the churn. Building on this, we look at subscriptions too to judge the benefit of retaining subscribers.

We carry out audits into ecommerce data in order to make sure the correct data is being collected and that it is robust enough to report on. On top of this, we look to see where there is potential for opportunity, such as utilising enhanced ecommerce features.

We have extensive experience working with data from platforms such as Shopify, Bold, and Klaviyo. We have also worked with some leading UK ecommerce brands, such as Vitabiotics, Protein World and Pooch and Mutt. Whether you’re simply looking for insights, areas to improve your site or the ability to monitor your ecommerce data in a visual format, our team are experts in integrating strategies to deliver optimal results.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we take ecommerce reporting to the next level and offer a fully-integrated data-driven strategy to maximise profits. This includes anything from informing Paid Media campaigns and organic social to content creation and SEO roadmaps.

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