An Integrated Strategy for International Success

Based in London and with offices across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, FDM Group is a professional services provider with a focus on IT. Semetrical support FDM teams across 8 international markets, developing and coordinating delivery of a robust digital strategy focused on a trilogy of SEO, Paid Media and Analytics/CRM services.

Non-brand SEO traffic
B2B leads vs target


FDM Group is a multinational professional services provider focused on IT, recruitment and training for technology and business professionals.

Historically, FDM had been heavily reliant on branded search to drive organic website traffic and leads. To help greater ROI, Semetrical was tasked with delivering an integrated digital strategy across eight of FDM’s international markets, in order to:

  • Recruit 2,035 new trainees (B2C)
  • Deliver 180 leads (B2B)
  • Increase organic visibility of FDM content
  • Improve non-brand organic metrics
  • Expand international Paid Media coverage
  • Improve Paid Media efficiencies (£30 CPA)
Industry Service Area

Semetrical have helped us understand both the true power and potential of digital marketing channels, our position in this space and the benefits of coordinating an integrated digital strategy across our international markets.

Alayna Mansell, Global Marketing Manager


Semetrical provided SEO and UX consultancy throughout the design and build stages of the new FDM website, which successfully launched in Q1.

Initially, we combined FDM’s audience intelligence and engagement data from sources including Hubspot CRM, Social Listening, Analytics and Paid Media. This was overlaid with our UK keyword research, SEO gap analysis and paid media metrics to inform an integrated approach focused on optimising priority webpages.

Semetrical provided SEO and UX consultancy throughout the design and build stages of the new FDM website, which successfully launched in Q1, incorporating more impactful CTAs, new optimised careers pages and supporting blog content.

We also delivered SEO content specifications for new optimised careers pages targeting relevant non-brand terms, supported by a comprehensive

content strategy that focused on non-brand informational keyword targets identified through our SEO analysis, to boost internal linking and performance.

The new webpages were promoted across search and social channels in eight international markets using Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Regular keyword and campaign performance data insights were shared to ensure SEO/PPC channel alignment, to ultimately improve rankings and deliver a strong user experience.

Finally, Semetrical audited and optimised FDM’s Hubspot CRM processes, refining and improving lead flow automations and email communications, to ensure content was targeted at the right time to FDM’s audiences.


Having successfully recruited >2,500 new trainees (+28% vs target) onto the FDM training programme and delivered >300 B2B leads (+74% vs target), Semetrical’s integrated digital marketing strategy helped FDM exceed their digital marketing goals and the project was shortlisted for Best Integrated Campaign at the 2022 European Search Awards.

Improved Organic Visibility

  • +137% UK Non-brand organic traffic (+107% Globally)
  • + 32% Top 3 rankings (UK)
  • +23% New users vs target
  • +14%Sessions vs target
  • +24% Sessions to B2C pages

Paid Media Efficiency

  • -51% Cost Per Acquisition
  • +27% Traffic
  • +17% Conversions

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Non-brand SEO traffic
B2B leads vs target
B2C leads vs target
Increase in conversions
Top 3 rankings (UK)
Increase in sessions to B2C pages

Coordinating closely with our international marketing teams, Semetrical have efficiently delivered performance improvements across our digital channels; helping exceed our marketing objectives and supporting a record breaking year for the business.

Alayna Mansell, Global Marketing Manager