PR and Journalist Relationships in 2022

In the last ten years and with the emergence of new tactics and disciplines, the number of people working in PR has increased by an incredible 78%. Whilst this is great news for the industry as a whole, more PRs means more stories, and therefore more competition for those all important “column inches” and juicy […]

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Helpful Content Update

Towards the end of August 2022, Google announced the launch of a new algorithm update named the Helpful Content Update. Reportedly one of the most impactful updates in recent history, taking its toll site-wide, Google’s announcement has naturally caused a lot of chatter throughout SEO circles. In this blog post, we discuss what to expect […]

What is Conversational Marketing? The Ultimate Guide 2022

Digital marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, so much so that marketers have been forced to reevaluate their strategies altogether. The evolution of consumer trends and technology has positioned conversational marketing at the forefront of marketing strategies across multiple industries.  Although a multi-channel marketing strategy enables you to connect with your audience across multiple […]

3 Advanced Google Data Studio Tricks You Need to Know

At Semetrical, creating tailored reporting dashboards is a huge focus when it comes to data analysis and monitoring. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few tricks through both our own experience as well as research, that allow us to display data in a way that makes our dashboards more informative and user friendly. […]

How to Map Your Content Strategy To The Buyer’s Journey

Customer acquisition is getting increasingly difficult, with more competition and content shock making it harder than ever to capture your audience’s attention.  As a result, according to Semrush, the top three content marketing challenges we currently face include: Difficulty attracting leads Generating enough traffic with content Creating content that resonates with your audience In this […]

A Start-to-Finish Guide to Social Listening

The volume of conversations taking place on social media at any given moment is huge. To put a number on it (or a few): 6,000 tweets are tweeted each second that’s 350,000 tweets per minute or, 500 million tweets each day or, 200 billion tweets per year And that’s just one social platform!  To borrow […]