How AI is Changing the Game for Content Marketers

Content marketing is constantly changing and new trends are always emerging. Most recently making its way onto the scene of content marketing is artificial intelligence (AI). Although having existed for a while now, AI has caused quite the buzz in the marketing world this year, particularly with the latest release of ChatGPT – a chatbot […]

Top 5 Automotive Trends for 2023

It hasn’t been an easy ride for the automotive industry over the last few years, but are things set to improve? From the COVID-19 pandemic to the shortage of semiconductors, the automotive industry has faced one hardship after another, and it doesn’t appear to stop there.  The scarcity of semiconductors has led to a bottleneck […]

Can AI do the Job of an SEO Content Writer?

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 in November, the seemingly endless possibilities that the technology presents have been widely discussed and debated across the web. The revolutionary software is a long-form AI chatbot, capable of answering complex questions in a conversational, back-and-forth manner. The conversations around the chatbot’s impressive capabilities have opened up the potential […]

How to Maximise Reporting to Measure Your Content & PR Efforts in 2023

When discussing online activities such as Digital PR and Content, the ability to assess performance and optimise for these channels is key to ensuring progress and development. Following our recent webinar, this blog seeks to outline how to maximise reporting to measure your Content and PR efforts, using the following 3 pillars: See the full […]

5 Travel Marketing Trends for 2023

Blue Monday is here! Festivities are long behind us and the cold winter weather seems to be never-ending. So, what better way to beat the January blues than planning your summer holidays? Deemed the most depressing day of the year, travel bookings are set to surge as Brits have driven a 75% increase in sales […]

Helping You Find The Right Agency Fit For Your Business

“We’re looking to partner with an agency for our Digital Marketing.” “We are looking for a full service digital agency.” “We need SEO/PPC/insert any other digital channel support.” These are just some of the enquiries we receive at Semetrical on a regular basis, and it’s likely to be the same for many other agencies. Whilst […]

10 Powerful Content Marketing Trends in 2023


Content marketing is far from easy. It requires marketers to truly understand their audience and what they are looking for, however, with digital content trends changing quicker than ever, this is becoming increasingly challenging. What worked for you last year, or even last month, may not be relevant and you need to stay agile and […]