Do Google Reviews Help SEO?

It is no secret that in recent years Google has made increasing developments to become a people-focused platform that values word-of-mouth marketing and real user experience. One only needs to look as far back as the August 2022 Helpful Content Update (that gave a ranking preference to people-first content) and the recent Product Review Update […]

The Marketing Challenges Of The Future & How To Prepare For Them

Marketers face a unique set of challenges on a daily basis, and the past few years have forced us to adapt, pivot campaigns, and tackle unprecedented obstacles. Even if you’ve managed to navigate without major setbacks, there is likely an aspect of your marketing strategy that could benefit from improvement. In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, […]

Bing vs Google: Ranking Factor Comparison

The extent of Google’s dominance in the search engine landscape becomes apparent when considering our inclination to “Google it” when seeking information online. Announcing to a room that you are just “Yahooing the weather tomorrow” or “DuckDuckGoing what time the game starts” would surely be met with much confusion. Armed with not just the superior […]