What is CRO? and Why do I need it?

While traffic may be on the up following your effective SEO, paid search or content strategies, that doesn’t mean your job as a marketer is done. The people that are visiting your site may not be achieving the goal you want them to complete in the journey. Put simply, they’re just not converting. Converting is […]

Reputation Management: The No.1 SEO Ranking Factor

How much emphasis do you place on reputation management in SEO? It must be noted that there have been a number of recent ‘Core’ algorithm updates over the past 12 months, and these have coincided with Google publishing their Quality Rating Guidelines. As Chris Silver Smith points out in SEL, all of these recent Google […]

SEO Around The World

International SEO Strategy

Let’s face it, if you don’t consider the market share of different search engines in your target region then you’re preparing to fail. Each search engine commands a varied degree of local market share for a region, and they each have different traits that you must understand before devising an optimisation strategy. At a top […]

How to choose a localisation partner for international SEO

The importance of including localisation within your approach to international SEO cannot be understated. You will likely have to partner with a localisation agency, or multiple specialist localisation agencies for different markets or regions. It’s really important for you to partner with a localisation agency that can deliver efficiently, provide local search specialist natives, and […]