How to Add your Business to Google and Improve SEO

Increasing your Visibility on Google Once you add your business to Google, it needs to be optimised so it’s as visible as it can be. Local SEO is the process that we use to help your business show up at the top of the listings, the process can be a bit daunting so this guide […]

Social Listening: How to leverage your brand through the power of social insights

Forbes said it himself ‘The art of conversation lies in listening’. To really communicate with our audience, we must first understand them – their pain points, needs, topics of interest, influencers and desires. All too often we’re guessing what users will respond to, rather than truly listening.  Thanks to the proliferation of social media (shoutout […]

18 SEO Chrome Extensions our SEO Team Utilise On a Daily Basis

When it comes to SEO it is all well and good having your go-to websites to conduct SEO checks, however that can prolong your tasks where it is much easier and quicker to use Google Chrome Extensions on your browser to undertake SEO checks on the fly. Think about it, you visit a clients website […]

Digital Marketing Jargon Buster

As a marketer, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone knows what we’re talking about when we start throwing acronyms and digital jargon around. We might as well be speaking another language! The marketing world doesn’t need to be difficult to understand and we want to collaborate with our clients to help them navigate […]

Devising a Social Media Strategy to Support a Digital PR Campaign

Executing an effective digital PR campaign can take weeks, sometimes even months of careful planning. From creative brainstorms to find the perfect angle, analysing different data sources, prospecting and writing an attention-grabbing story, there are multiple tasks involved.  But have you considered how your social strategy can support and amplify the success of your digital […]