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If your site has been hit with a Google penalty, it is necessary to take immediate action to find out why your site has been penalised and start the recovery process.

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Google Penalty Recovery

In most cases, you will receive notification in Google Search Console which will inform you that your website has been penalised. This means that your site will struggle to rank highly and have negative implications for your search visibility. In this situation, you are in need of professional help from an agency who will take a deep dive into the data and investigate the reasonings for the penalty and help to remove it.

At Semetrical, we will conduct a comprehensive audit whether that is an SEO link audit or technical audit in order to diagnose the issues your site is facing, identify areas for improvement and start on recovery. Our expert insight will help inform quick win strategies, as well as sustainable on-going solutions to build up your websites visibility and traffic again.

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Google Penalty Recovery Expertise

At Semetrical, we have years of experience providing measurable results for a range of businesses, helping them recover from Google penalties and algorithmic updates.Our service offering includes everything from backlink and website audits to on-going strategy development for long-term digital growth.

We use leading third party tools to conduct an in depth backlink audit, compiling a list of your website’s backlinks and identifying any low quality or unnatural links. We also use leading tools to conduct in-depth technical audits in order to identify areas of your website that may have caused an algorithmic penalty.

We will work through our list and disavow all links we have identified as unnatural, ensuring your backlink profile consists of natural, high-quality links. If we undertake a technical audit we will identify the low quality pages on the website that may be contributing to the penalty and start to remove them from the website.

After cleaning your backlink profile, we can then begin our recovery process which aims to build organic backlinks using SEO best practices which follow Google guidelines without risk of a future penalty. Additionally, we will start to re-optimize priority pages on the website and build out high quality content.

We can begin implementing various other service areas in order to create a comprehensive strategy for lasting results that will increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your website, such as Content, Digital PR and Social Media.

A Google penalty is a sanction you can receive from Google which places limitations on your website’s ability to rank successfully or, in some cases, rank at all in the search engine results page. Your site is likely to be hit with a Google penalty if it does not adhere to Google guidelines or uses ingenuine SEO practices. In order to reverse this, it is recommended you look into Google penalty removal services.

There have been two crucial algorithm updates implemented by Google, designed to clamp down on sites which use black hat SEO techniques which are the reason behind manual website penalties; Google Panda and Google Penguin. These two penalties are now consolidated into Google’s Core algorithm updates but it’s important to know the history of each:

What is Google Panda?
The Google Panda update was implemented in order to improve user experience and display the most relevant content in the search results to answer user queries. The Panda update favours high quality content over ‘thin’ content, saturated with advertisements or plagiarized content. In order to avoid Panda penalties, your site should follow SEO best practices, publishing only high quality content which is informative and unique.

What is Google Penguin?
The Penguin update focused on the quality of website’s link building and penalised any sites with unnatural backlink profiles, large volumes of paid links, links from irrelevant or low authority sites or sites affiliated with link networks. Panda favours sites with organic links from high authority websites which are relevant to your website.

When these updates were rolled out, many sites were penalised and suffered the consequences, experiencing a significant drop in page rankings.

Our expert SEO team has years of experience dealing with Google penalties, working with many different types and sizes of websites to implement successful recovery strategies.

As a full service digital marketing agency, our teams work alongside each other to deliver an effective on-going strategy to increase your chances of ranking in the search results and stand out above your competitors. This includes keyword research, bespoke copywriting, optimised blog content, PR outreach and much more.

We will provide you with regular in-depth reports to track your progress and offer visibility on your website’s performance. Each report is tailored specifically for you and visually presents your key metrics in a digestible way to inform a data-driven approach.

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