Turn Visitors into Customers

Opportunity Analysis

Detailed Funnel Analysis
Template Analysis & Forecasts
Qualitative User Research

Alternative Creatives

Adjusted Template Design
Alternative HTML Creation
Conversion Tracking Set Up

Managed Testing

A/B Test Traffic Filtering
Additional Focus Group Testing
Statistical Analysis on Test Results

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is consistently proven to be one of the most under used tactics for most online companies.  By testing small potential improvements per template, it is usually possible to achieve significantly improved conversion rates, which result in more leads and sales from any specified level of visits.  Semetrical have expertise in all steps of this process, and can manage each stage with minimal required assistance from in-house teams.  Our service offering breaks down as follows:


Firstly, we perform a detailed funnel analysis to study drop off points at each stage of the most popular purchase cycles.  We also manually study each of these templates to identify potential improvements.  Once we have the data and analysis per template, we then estimate the potential conversion improvements in each of these areas, and prioritise the ones where the biggest gains are possible.  We also use click tracking and focus groups to understand why certain users are not converting in certain areas.

Design Work

 Once all potential tests have been prioritised, Semetrical can then design the new page versions and generate the alternative HTML, or work with in-house teams to do this.  We can then implement all required conversion tracking directly, and prepare detailed specifications for each of the tests.


Once the tests have been agreed, Semetrical can then run and manage each test with very little dependence on in house teams.  This includes filtering traffic to the different page versions, performing statistical analysis on the results, a supplying a report to summarise the results of each test and our follow up recommendations.

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