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Marketing automation refers to the various types of software or tools you can leverage to connect with your customers and efficiently market your products and services across multiple digital channels. Automation tools are revolutionising the inbound marketing world and helping all kinds of businesses reach new potential and see outstanding results.

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Our marketing automation services can help you improve customer experience, nurture leads and increase conversions. Our expert teams will curate a bespoke strategy to resonate with your audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey, using marketing automation tactics that are facilitated through a CRM system.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and, as the name suggests, it’s purpose is to help you engage with your potential, new and existing customers as a business. This involves how you communicate with them in order to build relationships, improve customer retention, as well as drive conversions. One of the ways you can do this is through automated email marketing.

Automation makes email marketing possible on a large scale and helps you prioritise leads instead of spamming your contacts with unpersonalised, irrelevant content. By segmenting your contacts, scheduling messaging and tracking results of your campaigns, you are able to provide the right content at the right time to the right people, helping customers make informed decisions and glide through the personalised sales funnel.

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Our marketing automation services

Our expert teams offer a range of marketing automation services and CRM solutions, designed to engage new audiences, nurture customer relationships and improve conversion rates.

Our experienced teams ensure your CRM database is clean, GDPR compliant and appropriately segmented for maximum effectiveness.

We monitor email campaigns on an ongoing basis, optimising them via A/B testing, to ensure maximum performance and that leads are being directed to the optimal landing pages with the right messaging.

We provide in-depth performance reports of your campaigns to offer you full transparency and help us identify areas of opportunity to continually improve.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency who specialise in marketing automation services and CRM. Our expert team has extensive experience in relationship nurturing and working across teams to provide bespoke marketing automation services tailored to any business.

From experience, we know that a data-driven approach is key to delivering the most effective results which is why we invest in the latest third party technologies, as well as having developed our own bespoke cutting-edge tools. This allows us to gain better insight into the market and your audience.

We use a range of marketing automation tools, including Mailchimp, SalesForce, Pardot and HubSpot, however we are also happy to work with you using your existing or preferred platforms. We work to provide flexible solutions and build a collaborative relationship which works best for you while still meeting important KPIs and delivering maximum ROI.

Our senior account leads and service experts will coordinate with you and keep you updated on a regular basis, as well as provide digestible monthly reports with all relevant data and insights on performance.

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At Semetrical, we offer a wide range of specialist digital marketing services, with technology and data at the core of everything we do.

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