SEO Strategy for Organic Risk & Results

Elucidat is an award-winning elearning authoring tool, offering premium software solutions for large enterprises. Delivering industry-leading insights and content, Elucidat are a significant player in the elearning space. 



Semetrical was tasked with maintaining and improving Elucidat’s organic search engine rankings across a range of informational and transactional keywords, to increase both SEO traffic and conversions across the website.

One primary challenge identified was an over-reliance on organic rankings for Elucidat’s “Authoring Tools Blog” webpage, which alone contributed to a significant proportion of their overall conversions and traffic.

Elucidat asked Semetrical to refine and optimise the “Authoring Tools Blog” post, whilst identifying new content and search marketing opportunities to help diversify their organic keyword rankings.  Semetrical’s primary objectives:

  • To maintain and improve current SEO rankings
  • To re-optimise and de-risk the Authoring Tools Blog (ATB)
  • To develop & deliver an effective SEO, keyword & content strategy for Elucidat


Our keyword research and digital gap analysis informed an extensive new content matrix.

Semetrical performed a comprehensive technical SEO audit, focusing initially on keywords and webpages where minimal changes could be made for maximum impact. This first phase increased the keyword rankings of the ATB page and helped Elucidat identify additional pages to re-optimise, encouraging the site into the top 3 results for hyper-relevant keywords.

The SEO team performed in-depth keyword research and gap analysis. Insights were compiled into an extensive content matrix, detailing all opportunities to create new and optimise existing pages. Particular attention was placed on pages that could provide conversions, ultimately reducing pressure on the ATB. Changes were immediately actioned on a priority basis by the content team, employing strategies to gain rich snippets, increase rankings and improve conversions.

Semetrical employed their technical expertise to improve overall website performance, focusing on core web vital metrics, site structure and crawl efficiency. This paired with extensive CRO and CRM efforts, ensured Elucidat’s pages were optimised to an industry-leading standard.

During and after the initial audits and implementations, Semetrical supported with ongoing weekly consultancy. This provided Elucidat with detailed recommendations for further article improvements, in order to maintain the top ranking positions acquired.

Elucidat's ATB post was successfully “de-risked” over the 12-month period with the reliance for leads reducing from 80% to 48%.

+30%Increase in traffic year-on-year
+33%Keywords ranking on page one


Semetrical’s exhaustive approach ensured Elucidat met their digital ambitions; increasing site traffic, keyword rankings, conversions, usability and crawlability.

Crucially, the ATB post was successfully “de-risked” over the 12-month period. In December 2020, 80% of leads were attributed to the ATB post; however, as a result of the de-risking strategy implemented by Semetrical, this moved to a 48-52% split between the ATB and other new and optimised posts in January 2022.



Elucidat’s traffic saw a 30% increase year-on-year, from 30.3K in November 2020 to 39.3K clicks in November 2021. Some of this growth can be attributed to a 33% increase in organic keyword performance, with Elucidat ranking for 842 keywords in the top 1-10 positions in November 2021, compared to 633 in November 2020.

Semetrical’s SEO work with Elucidat has been for shortlisted for 2X European Search Awards (2022), including Best SEO Campaign and Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO).

European Search Awards 2022 Finalist


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“Prior to working with Semetrical, it was a real challenge for us to juggle both staying on top of our key rankings, and writing successful new content. We also had some technical issues on the back end that were slowing us down. For a small team, there was a lot to do!

Within a few weeks of onboarding the team at Semetrical, we had already started to see results. What stood out the most was the de-risking project for one of our key pieces of content – after a year it’s great to see new pieces of content ranking to then decrease the overreliance on one piece of content.

It was a real pleasure working with Semetrical, and they really know their stuff!”

Marcus Markovic

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