Making Smarter Decisions Through Reporting has reached a point where they were driving 24m visits per month to the site, and there was no room for unknowns. They needed a reporting suite that could underpin decisions on how to spend millions of pounds worth of revenue.

Million visitors within 4 years
Increase in organic CTR for key terms


Semetrical have worked closely with since its foundation in 2014 where we founded the SEO, PPC and Analytics infrastructure for the company. Since then we have worked closely with the company to improve the performance of these service areas as well as branching out into new ones such as CRO.

During this time all channels have grown exponentially and with that new challenges have had to be overcome. Semetrical were set the task of providing a comprehensive marketing report that would allow OnTheMarket to make smarter data driven decisions on spend.


  • Provide a reporting suite to allow for a more strategic allocation of budget within marketing.
  • Give greater clarity on how user journeys and conversion rates vary for different channels. For example, more granular analysis into regional performance and how spend can be more efficiently distributed.
  • Look at ways to identify more valuable leads and separate these out.
  • Better understand the relationship between SEO and decrease cannibalisation of traffic within these areas.
Industry Service Area

OnTheMarket has worked with a broad multi-disciplinary team at Semetrical since before the launch of our property portal in 2015.

One of the most valuable benefits of our relationship has come from the analytics team, which provides smart insights and a complementary external intelligent perspective in supporting us continuously to improve portal performance and the user experience. For instance, they help us identify opportunities to increase efficiency in lead generation for our agent customers and they help us implement A/B testing, working constructively with our marketing and IT teams to define the key measurement criteria and evaluation methodology.

John Milson, Marketing Director


By working closely with marketing and development teams, we were able to configure a comprehensive tracking and reporting setup that allowed OnTheMarket to make key data driven decisions to continue driving success.

The first stage was to undertake a full audit of the tacking setup for OnTheMarket to understand which information gaps existed that needed to be filled. From this audit we outlined to development teams any information that needed to be passed over from the server, such as property, location, price etc.

Once the information was accessible from the front end, we configured a series of events and custom dimensions that allowed the information to be passed through to Google Analytics in a structured and accessible manner.

With this information in hand, we utilised the Google Analytics API to extract data from the platform and into data visualisation tools and Excel for further analysis. This formed the basis of a 40-page monthly report shared to the board, as well as key stakeholders. This report quickly became a key part of strategy decisions across the business.


Through this support OnTheMarket have achieved significant success.

Website results for

  • Number 3 portal within the UK within its first year.
  • 24m visitors within 4 years.
  • Consistent exponential YOY growth in Organic Traffic.
  • Some of the lowest av. CPC in the industry.
  • Increased organic click through rates by 30% for key terms through multi channel approach to PPC and SEO.
Million visitors within 4 years
Increase in organic CTR for key terms
No. 3
Portal in the UK within 1st year

The analytics team help ensure that when we analyse data, we look at things in the round to produce quality actionable reporting, understanding better the user journey and the long-term implications as well as crunching the immediate numbers, whether they relate to conversion rates or repeat visits or other measures of engagement.

John Milson, Marketing Director