Fish4jobs had an ambition to increase their search engine visibility and secure higher a volume of organic traffic over the next year.

Fish4jobs is one of the UK’s leading online recruitment boards, offering thousands of jobs across a wide range of sectors. Despite operating in a highly competitive sector and already benefiting from some established search engine traffic, Fish4jobs had an ambition to increase their search engine visibility and generate higher volumes of organic traffic over the next year. Semetrical were asked to review and audit the Fish4jobs website and Career Advice blog before developing an optimisation strategy focused on delivering against the following targets: 10% growth in organic sessions to the Fish4jobs website, 400k plus organic sessions over 12 months, 20k additional monthly sessions to the Fish4jobs blog.

The research & social media listening delivered by Semetrical, helped inform both user intent & optimal content formats necessary to connect with Fish4jobs audiences.

Using their bespoke in-house tools and technology, Semetrical audited the Fish4jobs websites, the UK’s online job market and conducted an extensive keyword research project to identify and inform segmentation across thousands of semantically relevant search queries being used by job hunters. The research and social media listening delivered by Semetrical, helped inform both user intent and optimal content formats necessary to connect with Fish4jobs audiences; it also highlighted substantial opportunities for increased SEO visibility through informational keywords. Semetrical optimised a new content platform and developed an integrated SEO strategy focussed on earned media channels including content marketing, social media and PR to help drive organic growth.  A tactical content calendar was developed to support SEO objectives; allowing Semetrical to produce highly creative and data-informed content pieces throughout the year, which delivered highly authoritative backlinks, improved search engine rankings and boosted brand awareness.

Semetrical helped Fish4jobs realise and exceed their digital ambition within 12 months.

Semetrical’s integrated approach to SEO helped combine creative ideas with unique data insight and excellent design to deliver exceptional content marketing outputs that which resonated with Fish4jobs’ active and passive target audiences, and were featured in a range national and regional publications.  The content campaigns also helped secure high authority backlinks to strategic parts of the Fish4jobs websites, helping improve the organic ranking of key transactional and information based keywords.  Semetrical’s content platform optimisation also helped secure a series of rich snippet search results for some of the UK’s highest search volume search queries related to job hunting.

Content marketing is all about the long game & Semetrical understand this completely. Link acquisition projects they have created for Fish4jobs continue to drive traffic & diversify our link sources. By mashing up publicly-available sources they have turned complex data into compelling stories. They have intelligently designed these content pieces, enabling us to approach influencers. These projects have gained us dozens of links across high-authority sources, who would otherwise have no reason to reference our website. The success of these content pieces have caused us to commission many more similar projects over the coming year.

Gary FennInsight Analyst, Fish4jobs

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