Improving a Market Leader

Flexioffices had the ambition to become the UK’s number one office brokerage, with a specific focus on driving high-value prime London conversions. CRO was one of the many tools which made this achievable.



Since the launch of their new site, Semetrical have managed CRO activities for Flexioffices. We were set substantial growth targets for conversion rate, with a specific focus on delivering an increase in leads.

Our expertise in CRO has driven substantial growth for Flexioffices in terms of conversion rate, and we have taken the business to the UK’s number one office broker.


  • Increase the number of high-value leads from the office page template.
  • Increase quick quote conversion rates for the office page template.
  • Prioritise high value London leads


Many believe CRO is manipulating the user journey to do what you want, but in reality it’s easing the journey of those users that are already engaged.

Our bespoke approach to CRO enables Semetrical to offer strong results targeted at the client’s critical pain points. After conducting a full UX review of the Flexioffices new site, a range of new tests were built in Google Optimize ready for testing.

These tests were rolled out in phases to continuously optimise the highlighted pain points for Flexioffices.

The main area of focus was the decrease in leads and conversion rate following the new site as a result of design and Google algorithm updates. Therefore CRO grew in importance to bring leads numbers back to the expected level and beyond.

Our tests are built using a combination of Javascript, CSS & HTML offering endless opportunities to test new designs & optimisations.

Through a range of tests conducted on priority page templates we saw considerable conversion rate increases

19%YOY increase for enterprise leads
66%Increase to quote conversion rate


In a space of 7 months we made a range of optimisations in addition to four A/B tests. These all provided strong increases across the site and the results of each test are demonstrated below:

Test 1: Quote Quote vs Get Prices – 23.0% Increase to quote conversion rate.
Test 2: Find your Ideal Office – 65.9% Increase to quote conversion rate.
Test 3: Office Page Reorder – 13.8% Increase to quote conversion rate.
Test 4: Carousel Redesign – 19.6% Increase to quote conversion rate.

All the changes mentioned above allowed us to more than double the quote conversion rate across the site. A distinct increase to total lead flow was also apparent seeing a YOY increase of 19% for enterprise leads.

“At Flexioffices, our aim has always been to become the UK’s number one broker in the flexible office space sector. Fundamental to achieving our aim has been our partnership with Semetrical.

Semetrical worked closely with us on the new website, implementing a range of new tracking tools. This informed a comprehensive CRO strategy which helped significantly increase our conversion rates over the course of 7 months.”

Michael Dubicki

Managing Director


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