Connect GA & BigQuery Using R

  ●   October 5, 2022 | Analytics, Technology
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October 5, 2022 | Analytics, Technology

How to Feed GA Data into BigQuery with R – Measurefest

Speaking at Measurefest in Brighton today, our very own Analytics Manager, Danny Smith takes the stage to share an efficient and effective way of connecting GA and BigQuery using some basic R coding. Discover how to use the Google Analytics API’s and simple R commands to connect and export your GA data out of the platform and into BigQuery for deeper analysis.

R provides a simple platform to efficiently connect, collect and control our data, helping save time and money through more efficient reporting and analysis.

Danny Smith, Analytics Manager

Save time and money by adopting Danny’s R driven process with Google Analytics APIs instead of expensive tools. You’ll be introduced to R and the googleAuthR package that makes this process quick and efficient, before running through the required R code and exploring some additional use cases.

Download The Talk & Code Samples

Danny Smith - Measurefest

Grab a copy of the presentation and your free R code cheat sheet to start having a play today.

  • Danny’s Measurefest presentation (PDF)
  • A video run-through by Danny
  • An R code cheat sheet to copy, paste & play.

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