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  ●   November 2, 2023 | Business
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November 2, 2023 | Business

At Semetrical, we recognise that our success is a direct reflection of our team. That’s why we wholeheartedly invest in their personal and professional development, helping them grow to become the best versions of themselves. By fostering a culture that values their physical, mental, and emotional health, we empower individuals to thrive, which is why we offer all employees a monthly wellbeing budget!

Every month, our employees receive a budget of £50.00 to spend on health and wellbeing services and products – whether that’s a holistic therapy, like massage or meditation, private healthcare or counselling sessions, or even creative pursuits, like art classes or pottery! We understand that everyone is different, which is why we provide the opportunity for our employees to choose what they spend their budget on and treat themselves to what they need every month.

The heartbeat of any successful marketing agency is a productive and motivated team. When our employees are in the best possible physical and mental shape, they can perform at their peak potential and are motivated to succeed.

Our commitment to fostering a supportive environment not only boosts our teams’ creativity, productivity, and collaboration but also ensures their holistic growth and positive work-life balance. As our team flourishes, they craft exceptional campaigns, delight clients, and contribute to a fantastic company culture. With this investment, along with our existing training and development support and other initiatives, we pave the way for both individual and collective triumphs.

We’ve been nominated for four awards at the UK Search Awards this year and have won numerous awards in the last few years, further showcasing the value of ensuring our employees are happy and cared for via schemes such as the wellness budget! Our wins are your wins, too – record results and surpassing KPIs are something you can expect when you work with a well looked-after team.

“At Semetrical, we invest in and prioritise our employees’ health and wellbeing to ensure staff have the best work and home environment to feel motivated, as well as benefiting from reduced stress, increased resilience, better engagement, and reduced absence.

“In response to the pandemic, we expanded our flexible working arrangements, continued our social events (virtually), introduced an employee assistance programme (including mental health support), and added a monthly staff wellness budget.

“The wellness budget has been extremely well-received and allows each employee a budget of £50 per month to spend on health and wellbeing services or products of their choice. This budget can go towards any form of exercise, therapy, healthcare, creative pursuits, vitamins and supplements, and much more.”

Tony King, Managing Director at Semetrical

So, that’s what the wellbeing budget means to us as an agency, but what does it mean for our employees? Let’s hear it from the team…

“I use my personal wellness budget towards a lunchtime gym membership at Total Fitness MK. It’s the only time of day I get to myself with two small children demanding my attention in the mornings and evenings! I really enjoy the escapism from the work day it provides me with, as well as both the physical and mental health benefits it brings. It also sets me up for a productive afternoon thanks to the post-exercise rush of endorphins!”
Catriona Johnson, Head of Growth Marketing

“The wellbeing budget contributes to part of my Gymbox membership. It’s quite an expensive gym, so it’s nice to have part of it expensed. The facilities there are super key for my training and allow me to develop my skills outside of the workplace.”
Danny Smith, Senior Analytics Manager

“The wellbeing budget enables me to treat myself to an F45 functional fitness membership. Since it’s a bit out of my budget, it’s something that I otherwise wouldn’t splash out on. These gym classes give me 45 minutes a day where I can sweat it out and destress, putting me in a good headspace for the rest of the day.”

Sophie Mizrachi, Content Manager

“I use my wellness budget to enable me to try new hobbies – most recently I’ve used my allowance to buy art and gardening supplies! I’ve been able to grow aloe plants in the last few months (which are thriving) and create artwork, which allows me to put my phone and laptop away after a day at work. This helps me destress and rest my eyes, as well as feel a sense of accomplishment when the plants start to bloom or when I finish an art piece!”

Maha Hussein, Paid Media Specialist

“The wellbeing budget has helped me in my time at Semetrical with glasses and eye care! As I spend a lot of my time on computers and looking at screens, it’s important to look after my eyes, and the wellbeing budget has helped take off some of the financial strain of getting a new pair of glasses. I’ve also used the wellbeing budget to have blue-light filters added onto my glasses to reduce eye strain, as well as thinning down lenses, and even to just take some of the cost of the frame away!”

Max Meads, Social Media Specialist

“One of the best things about the wellness budget is how flexible it is, and I make use of that by switching up what I use it for! For example, if I’ve had a stressful or busy month, I’ll use my wellness budget to buy some things to help me relax, such as candles or diffusers. As we’re heading into winter, I’ll use my budget to buy supplements and vitamins to keep my immune system in good shape. Having the budget really helps as it makes me take stock and think about what I need to stay well, instead of treating it like an afterthought, which can be all too easy to do!”
Livi Sharp, Paid Media Executive

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