The Making of a Market Leader

Flexioffices had the ambition to become the UK’s number one office brokerage, with a specific focus on driving high-value prime London conversions.

YOY increase in organic sessions
YOY increase in organic for /london URLs


Semetrical have managed the digital marketing strategy for Flexioffices since 2015. In 2017, we were set substantial growth targets for SEO for the year, with a specific focus on delivering organic growth for London locations due to the high value of prime London leads to Flexioffices.

Our expertise in implementing SEO strategies has driven substantial growth for Flexioffices, and we have taken the business to the UK’s number one office brokerage.


  • Increase the number of total high-value prime London leads via an integrated marketing strategy.
  • Increase organic sessions to the Flexioffices website by 20% YOY.
  • Increase organic sessions to /london/ URLs by 25% YOY.
  • Improve organic ranking position for priority London keywords.
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At Flexioffices, our aim has always been to become the UK’s number one broker in the flexible office space sector and fundamental to our achieving our aim has been our partnership with our SEO agency, Semetrical.

Geraint Evans, Managing Director, Flexioffices


Our strategy to drive growth in high-value prime London leads utilised SEO to achieve visibility improvements for London-related serviced office keywords in the SERPs.

Our bespoke keyword technology provided the data to develop an effective search marketing strategy for Flexioffices’ SEO. Our unique process enabled us to identify 10,000s of relevant keywords across the UK, and London. These keywords were segmented into dimensions based on their office type, main location and secondary location.

Priority landing pages were optimised using keyword research to identify relevant semantic topics for key London locations. These page optimisations improved content relevance scores for transaction pages, whilst providing ‘fresh’ content signals to Google crawlers.

We were set the objective of achieving growth for London locations, and therefore developed an interactive London Skyline tool to get coverage in key leading London publications. We achieved PR coverage for Flexioffices with the London Skyline interactive tool in London’s leading business newspaper – CityAM. As well as in TimeOut Magazine, which is one of London’s most read magazines.

We acquired a wide range of backlinks to support SEO objectives through an innovative approach of using Flexioffices’ primary data to produce market reports & press releases.


The YOY organic traffic increases have delivered over an estimated £1 million of SEO revenue.

Average organic ranking for highly competitive priority keyword “Serviced offices london” increased from 12th to 2nd as a result of our SEO strategy targeting London.

YOY increase in organic sessions
YOY increase in organic for /london URLs
YOY increase in conversions for URLs /london

Our main target area with over 1,000 different serviced office options is London and so a key priority has been to increase the number of leads generated in what we call ‘prime London’. Through Semetrical’s integrated online marketing strategy, and SEO techniques, we have seen our prime London leads increase substantially.

Geraint Evans, Managing Director, Flexioffices