Pushing Paid Media in Prime London

Our vast experience and expertise of working with large-scale web businesses across the property sector enabled us to deliver substantial growth for Flexioffices.

Revenue directly attributable to paid media
Increase in revenue YOY


Semetrical have been managing and developing a full-service digital marketing strategy for Flexioffices since 2015, including delivery of highly targeted paid media campaigns. Our vast experience and expertise of working with large-scale property websites enabled us to consistently deliver substantial digital growth for Flexioffices, helping establish them as the UK’s number one serviced office brokerage.

Having nurtured a portfolio of paid media channels to deliver cost effective leads nationwide, we had successfully delivered against Flexioffices’ original objectives.

However, a change of tack dictated that we reallocate almost half of the media budget to target higher-value, prime London leads that traditionally yield higher returns. Semetrical were tasked with redeveloping a paid media strategy and core campaigns to address the following objectives:

  • Drive year on year increases in prime London leads
  • Deliver prime London leads at <£200 CPA
  • Continue to grow paid media visibility
Industry Service Area

Semetrical have been key to enabling us to grow our business. They maintain the same high quality staff and manage to produce reporting that is easy to understand by someone from a non-search background. They have taken the time to really understand our business and our goals and share our passion for achieving them. We are always happy to recommend them.


Semetrical adopted a technology focussed solution to help improve optimisation and campaign management efficiency.

Prime London keywords are significantly more expensive than their UK equivalents and focussing 45% of media budget here made it additionally challenging to deliver efficient leads, whilst maintaining visibility. Existing London coverage would need to reduce >25% to accommodate prime targets, most of which were already benefiting from 95% impressions shares, limiting the potential for further growth.

Semetrical adopted a technology focussed solution designed to improve time allocated to campaign optimisation through improved management efficiencies using…

  • Machine learning to automate negative keyword management tasks
  • Bespoke technology to make performance-based device bid adjustments.

The resulting time savings from campaign management were reinvested in creative optimisation to drive CTR growth in the mature and increasingly expensive search channels, whilst expanding coverage of valuable bottom of the funnel users through wider dynamic remarketing channels.


Our unique technical approach to PPC campaign development and ongoing paid media management allowed us to overcome numerous challenges and continue to drive growth for Flexioffices, whilst meeting some challenging strategic objectives.

Following the launch of our revised paid media strategy and rapid implementation of bespoke supporting technologies, we successfully delivered against all Flexioffcies objectives; recording the following results through coordinated paid media channels:

  • £26M Revenue directly attributable to paid media
  • £1.5M Increase in revenue YoY
  • 50% increase in ROI YoY

In January 2019, Semetrical had managed to increase delivery of high value prime London leads by +100% year on year, whilst continuing to drive a reduction of -11% in the cost per lead. Our revised paid media strategy and innovative use of technology helped achieve these primary metrics by increasing prime London CTR’s 22% YoY and delivering an overall CTR 230% higher than the industry average in the same period.

Revenue directly attributable to paid media
Increase in revenue YOY
Increase in ROI YOY