Breaking the PPC Glass Ceiling

For over a decade, Ocean Florida has specialised in sending holiday makers to the Sunshine State and partners with every major airline, cruise line and accommodation provider to create bespoke experiences for their customers.

Increase in traffic
Increase in conversions


Informed by their incumbent agency, Ocean Florida suspected that they had already reached a ceiling of potential website traffic and leads that could be efficiently generated through paid media channels without increased CPAs.

Thankfully, they wanted to be sure and upon partnering with Semetrical, they outlined some challenging targets for us to achieve to meet their digital ambition…


  • Increase PPC traffic and conversions by 15% YOY
  • Maintain overall CPA below £15
  • Increase leads for higher value holidays including Villas, Disney & Cruises
  • Expand coverage to accommodate new products
  • Improve reporting with more data and granularity
Industry Service Area

After being told by our previous agency that our high priority campaigns could not scale without increased CPAs, Semetrical helped us to significantly increase lead numbers in these areas without increasing relative costs. They have also managed to integrate our 3rd party data into our reporting. We have been very pleased with the service.


Our core strategy focused on improving campaign efficiencies, improving visibility and delivering better qualified prospects.

Following a comprehensive audit, we opted to develop a new campaign structure that would better meet Ocean Florida’s paid media goals. Our bespoke keyword technology helped provide the data and insight to inform more effective and tightly focused campaigns with an ability to deliver more focused keywords and ads designed to resonate with Ocean Florida’s primary audiences.

Working alongside the Semetrical SEO and Analytics teams, existing landing pages (and new product pages) were optimised to maximise PPC

quality scores, which were subsequently tracked to monitor the impact of landing page changes over time.

We also introduced dynamic pricing into our ad creatives, therefore disincentivising potentially price sensitive, lower value clicks.

Finally, we successfully developed a custom data integration; enabling efficient delivery of Ocean Florida’s rich CRM data into both our PPC platform and client reports; allowing attribution of verified enquiries, bookings, revenue and profit at a keyword level.


Following delivery of Semetrical’s campaign redevelopment and the successful implementation of our PPC strategy, Ocean Florida registered record breaking performance through the channel. We successfully exceeded all client objectives, delivering year on year improvements of +54% in traffic and +22% in conversions, whilst retaining an average CPA of £13.31

Semetrical also delivered against all objectives outlined for Ocean Florida’s three priority, higher value holiday types, whereby lead metrics also increased:

  • Villas = +25%
  • Disney = +56%
  • Cruise & Stay = +185%

The successful integration of Ocean Florida’s CRM data enabled us to deliver a continuous cycle of PPC optimisation, focussing on the very best, profit generating search terms. Informed by the richer dataset, over the following year, whilst total PPC spend had increased 13% core PPC campaign performance and KPIs had continued to improve even further, recording:

  • +50% increase in traffic
  • +38% increase in conversions
  • Reduced CPA to <£10
  • Profit generated through PPC increased >50%
Increase in traffic
Increase in conversions
Increase in profit generated through PPC