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  ●   June 9, 2020 | Blog, Search Trends, SEO
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June 9, 2020 | Blog, Search Trends, SEO

The team at Semetrical recently compiled a digital insights report into the wine industry, conducting in depth keyword research and search trend analysis to uncover the following:

  • Are consumers searching differently during lockdown? 
  • Are new trends emerging that retailers need to take notice of?
  • How do consumers search? 
  • Are there any particular regions or niche wine types that are growing in popularity that retailers can take advantage of?
  • Which retailers perform best and who are the wine winners and losers online?
  • Where is the opportunity and what can retailers do to ensure they are visible and competitive in the search results?

Key findings include:

Consumer Trends

  • There has been a significant spike in wine delivery keywords since the beginning of March, e.g. searches for ‘online wine delivery’ were up by 3000%, and ‘order wine online’ up by 2500%

Searches by grape variety

  • The majority of consumers still search by grape variety and origin, e.g. ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ or ‘Italian wine’
  • The UK’s most-searched for wine varieties are Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, however lesser-known grape varieties including Viognie and Tempranillo still generate thousands of average searches per month.

Searches by wine origin

  • Italian and French wine are the most searched for wine varieties by UK consumers
  • In March we saw a significant spike in searches for English wine, both on the night that it was announced that pubs and bars must close, and a week later into lockdown, suggesting this could be a trend that’s set to grow
  • Unusually, German wine generates 1900 average searches a month, which suggests that retailers should keep a close eye on this wine variety as a growing opportunity for sales

Searches by wine features

  • Searches for ‘vegan wine’ have grown steadily over the past 5 years, which suggests this is a trend that’s here to stay
  • There has also been gradual increase in searches for ‘non alcoholic wine’ over the past 5 years, particularly around Christmas time

Wine winners & losers

  • The retailer that performs best in terms of online visibility for wine related search terms and queries is Majestic, followed by Waitrose Cellar
  • Since October 2019, a number of retailers have seen significant uplifts in visibility, most notably Virgin Wines and Laithwaites
  • Out of the major supermarkets in the UK, the two top contenders in the wine category are Aldi and Tesco.

Want to know more?

Download the full report to discover:

  • How to use these insights to adapt your SEO strategy in response to emerging trends and changing consumer demands 
  • Where competitors are under-performing, and for which keyword type, e.g. region, variety, feature and how you can fill this gap
  • Which niche keyword segments offer the biggest opportunities for growth
  • SEO strategies you can deploy to boost your online presence and drive more sales

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