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  ●   June 20, 2017 | Blog, Paid Media
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June 20, 2017 | Blog, Paid Media

For the past 12 years Ocean Florida has specialised in sending holidaymakers to the Sunshine State and partners with every major airline, cruise line and accommodation provider to create bespoke experiences for their customers.

  • After serving over 250,000 happy customers they came to Semetrical with some big objectives:
  • Increase PPC traffic and conversions by 15% YOY.
  • Maintain or beat the CPA target.
  • Improve reporting with more data points and granularity.
  • Increase profit by focusing on more profitable offerings.
  • Expand to new products.
  • We were more than happy to use our industry knowledge, experience and tech prowess to take on the challenge.
  • Our activity began with a comprehensive analysis of the products, the USPs and the market with extensive keyword research to inform the optimum account structure.
  • The accounts were then restructured and expanded to include a greater variety of products, keywords and landing pages.
  • The new structure allowed us to better manage keyword match types and eliminate duplication that was rampant, due to broad matches, in the old structure.

Without an online payment process on the site we needed to integrate CRM sales data into the reporting with a bespoke 3rd party data integration. Our system allows us to upload offline sales data and match it to campaigns, ad groups and keywords enabling us to report on revenue, profit and ROI at a keyword and ad level rather than just lead volumes and CPA.

We added dynamic pricing into the ads by using a script which means the prices in the ads are always the latest, most up to date values.

Bing Ads were also expanded upon and helped deliver increased visibility, leads and sales.

Call tracking is due to be introduced which will greatly help conversion numbers as many users simply call without filling out the form online.

In short, we created a cross-channel campaign that targeted multiple types of users at different stages of the buying cycle.

We enticed these users with competitive, up-to-date pricing and persuasive ad copy to best highlight Ocean Florida’s unique selling points, products and services.

We tracked these users from the initial ad impression through our ads to the site where we could analyse their behaviour and convert them into paying customers. We then matched up sales data with ad spend to enable us to identify profitable campaigns, ads and keywords. This enabled us to focus on the more profitable areas and inform further campaign expansion.

The results were the following:

  • Villas – the main focus – experienced a 25% increase in leads YoY for a 1% increase in CPA.
  • Disney – a high volume area – leads increased by 56%.
  • Disney leads CPA fell 30%.
  • Cruise and stay – a huge 185% increase in leads, CPA down by 30%.
  • Bing conversions tripled.
  • Overall traffic increased 54% YoY. Overall CPA fell YoY in every quarter.

Our approach to this PPC campaign led to us winning the “Best PPC Campaign” award at the European Search Awards.

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