Revealed: Everything Love Island Made Us Buy This Summer

  ●   July 19, 2022 | Search Trends
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July 19, 2022 | Search Trends

With Love Island in full swing and over 2.4 million of us watching this summer’s antics, we decided to take a look at how this year’s Islanders have influenced viewer’s buying habits. The digital marketing experts at Semetrical have compiled a list of the top 9 fashion staples and accessories that have risen in popularity since the start of Love Island’s Season 8.

We’ve used Google search trends data, to measure product interest before the start of Season 8 Love Island (May) compared to mid-July. Metrics are between 0-100, with 50 being half as popular and 0 meaning there was not enough data, showing little to no interest.

Let’s crack on…

Starting off with one of the most iconic jewellery pieces we’ve seen to date – Gemma Owen’s gold necklace. Searches for ‘Gemmas necklace’ went from 0 to 100 – literally. It seems like everyone wants to know more about her vintage Tiffany & Co X Schlumberger diamond necklace. As a rare piece worth over £40,000, it’s easy to see why it captured the nation’s attention.

Gemma’s beau, Luca, also seems to have caught the eye of viewers for his stylish fashion choices (and, no, we’re not talking about his fishflops). Sporting the old school Nike dunks in a dazzling orange colour, Luca’s footwear seems to have made quite the impression with popularity rising from 12 to 100 since the start of season. Yet, the influence doesn’t stop there with Luca. Although already popular, his trendy sunglasses ‘Rayban Jack’ style went from  58 to 92.

We’ve also seen Tasha promoting quirky Australian sunglasses brand Quay on Instagram, and a few other Islanders spotted wearing their funky frames at the villa’s recent blue party. This exposure alone seemed to me quite the splash, going from 62 to 76 within a few weeks!

On the topic of sun protection – beauty retailer Boots have decided to sponsor the show again for the third year running and use this as an opportunity to push their soltan suncare range. And, guess what? Its’ working. Popularity for ‘soltan’ has peaked from 27 to 100!

There’s no arguing that crocs were already starting to make a comeback as of 2022 but since the start of the season, we’ve seen popularity rise from 41 to 100, white crocs in particular. It goes without saying that this rise could have something to do with the Love Islanders choosing to ditch the strappy sandals and opt for more practical footwear this year.

However, it’s not just been fancy trinkets and fashion statements taking its toll on viewers. Love Island’s glassware has, yet again, convinced us that we need a personalised water bottle and fruity cups for our morning brew.

Everyday we see the guys whip up some iced coffees to impress their potential love interests, served in funky pineapple glassware. We’ve seen a rise in popularity in ‘pineapple cups’ from 20, expected to rise to 94. The same goes for ‘white champagne flutes’, going from 0 to 67.

And, I’m sure we’ve all seen the iconic love island water bottle. From the start of the season, popularity for ‘custom water bottles’ has gone from 22 to 100.

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