Revealed: Cities & industries where demand for remote working is on the rise

  ●   August 22, 2021 | SEO
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August 22, 2021 | SEO

As the pandemic reshaped all our lives, many of us have adapted to working remotely, and as a result, many employers are starting to recognise the benefits for their staff and business.

With this, 18% of Brits now want to work from home permanently, and 39% are interested in being able to work from home part time. 

So, as the popularity of the work-from-home lifestyle rises, we used Google search data to investigate which cities in the UK are seeing the greatest rise in demand for remote working, and what the future workday will look like across different sectors. 

While hybrid working has become the norm across a variety of industries, some sectors have seen a greater rise than others. For one, the travel industry saw the largest uptake in remote working, with an 81% increase. The sales industry has shown a 45% increase, while legal jobs have seen a 27% increase. 

Other industries showed varying rates of uptake: 

In line with this, cities across the country have seen a significant rise in demand for remote working jobs. Perth, Scotland saw the biggest uptake, with a 400% increase. Closely followed by Wakefield, showing a 367% increase, and Peterborough with a 259% rise. 

Cities that also showed a significant increase in remote working include: 

As COVID-19 changed the way we work across many industries, remote working will likely continue to rise, or become a hybrid model. The question is, what would you prefer? 

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