Our Favourite Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2022

  ●   March 23, 2022 | PR
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March 23, 2022 | PR

As one of the largest retail holidays, Mother’s Day marks a momentous occasion for brands to push out campaigns, and pay homage to mother figures across the country.

In 2021, retail spending on Mother’s Day reached a whopping 1.34 billion in the UK (Statista). Yet, as thousands of companies across the country launch campaigns to celebrate this special day, only a select few will stand out to the consumer. 

So, as the countdown commences to Mother’s Day on the 27th of March, we’re rounding up our favourite campaigns. 


With over 7 million customers worldwide, HelloFresh has emerged as one of the most popular meal kit delivery services. Providing exciting and interesting recipe options for families, vegetarians and everything in between, it’s no surprise this service has soared in popularity. 

In honour of Mother’s Day, HelloFresh has launched a special limited edition Mother’s Day menu. As a day to celebrate the women in our lives, this campaign encourages others to celebrate through a delicious home-cooked meal, with the help of HelloFresh. The meal provides the perfect roast with all the trimmings – truffled roast chicken comes complete with a creamy chive sauce, cheesy Italian-style potatoes, peas and sugar snaps. Packed with flavour, it’s simple to prepare and a perfect way to celebrate.

Not only was this campaign a great way to promote HelloFresh’s new offerings, and garner links in the likes of The Sun, but it also provided a simple and thoughtful way to celebrate this special occasion. If you’re interested in cooking up something special for your own mum, you can check out HelloFresh for yourself. 

Cath Kidston x Moonpig

There’s no better way to get people talking than by creating a collaboration between two of Britain’s most iconic brands. As this year’s 2022 Mother’s Day Campaign, Cath Kidston and Moonpig have joined forces to bring you Cath Kidston x Moonpig Flowers.

As leaders in their respective spaces, it’s important to come up with a strategic plan and ‘go big’ with their ideas, and that’s exactly what these two powerhouse brands have done this year. As the first-ever Cath Kidston flower range, this is a fantastic opportunity to spoil your loved ones with a unique gift. The collection is formed of three bouquets and two floral gifts sets, at varied price points. 

With coverage across a variety of publications including Good Housekeeping, Daily Express, and many more, this campaign has got people talking, and excited. Campaigns like this are also a great example of the benefits of collaboration. By combining creativity, Moonpig and Cath Kidston have opened up their businesses to complementary markets and got their brands in front of new potential customers. In doing so, they’ve been able to increase brand reach, gain links, and create buzz around the launch. 


As a primarily mobile programme, SeatGeek recognised the importance of creating a bespoke and simple email campaign that would target their audience effectively. For Mother’s Day, the popular ticket-buying site created a marketing campaign around purchasing shared experiences. 

The campaign consisted of using a GIFof an SMS conversation to replace the email’s copy and engage customers to read further and be inspired to purchase something for their own loved ones. As simple as this idea is, SeatGeek recognises that everyone’s mum isn’t the same. Rather, some prefer concerts, sports, or a Broadway show, and SeatGeek can cater to those differences. Regardless of what you do, purchasing a Mother’s Day gift through this platform allows you to gift and have an experience with your mum.

This campaign was effective because it reveals more information the more you watch, and draws your attention to the core message of the email: no matter the occasion, your mother just wants to spend time with you. 

Emma Bridgewater x Biscuiteers

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t include our final favourite brand collaboration. Since its inception in the 80s, Emma Bridgewater has been a staple in homes across Britain. Fast forward over 30 years later, they’ve launched a dream partnership with biscuit company, Biscuiteers for a delicious Mother’s Day gift. 

This stunning Mother’s Day collaboration consists of a “Time for Tea” collection, featuring biscuits shaped and decorated just like some of Emma Bridgewater’s popular pottery pieces. For mums who have a creative streak, they even have a DIY kit on offer, where you can try out designs for yourself.  

This is a perfect example of two brands joining hands to amplify their impact around a theme. Every holiday means a new campaign strategy that could attract more people, so combining efforts means the impact of the campaign will be even greater, and the audience reach will be much wider. 

Mother’s Day presents an exciting opportunity to connect with consumers and celebrate the people near and dear to us. For marketers, it’s a chance to be extra creative, and get campaigns in front of more eyes. So, as Mother’s Day approaches, what are your campaign plans? If you need some assistance, check out our digital PR services.

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