Landing Links In Regionals & Red Tops

  ●   October 6, 2022 | PR, SEO
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October 6, 2022 | PR, SEO

Why Landing Links In Regionals & Red Tops Can Be Your Secret Weapon – BrightonSEO

Speaking at BrightonSEO today, our Head of Digital PR, Alex Jones takes the stage to explore and offer strategic advice on why the regional press and red-top tabloids can help provide brand awareness, authority, and significant traffic.

Humans still consume, click, share and comment on regional media, and targeting these types of media is a powerful tool that can help brands realise their visibility goals.

Alex Jones, Head Digital PR at Semetrical

Digital PR is often overcomplicated by agencies and brands; Alex breaks down the essential elements for success and shares actionable advice and techniques for digital PRs, SEO’s and marketers to help gain coverage and secure links from regional and national media right away.

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