How to Get the Most Out of BigQuery as a Marketing Analyst

  ●   September 13, 2023 | Analytics
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September 13, 2023 | Analytics

What is BigQuery? 

BigQuery is a powerful tool that we use at Semetrical to help our clients get the most out of their data. In short, BigQuery is a low-cost, cloud-based big data analytics web service for processing very large data sets.

GA4 and its native export into BigQuery has sparked a trend in digital analytics, as marketing managers have become more reliant on technical analysts to get actionable insights from their data. 

With an exponential growth in data available to marketers over the last few years, the ability to understand and utilise marketing data is becoming increasingly important when it comes to strategy setting. In this blog, you will learn why BigQuery is the solution to your marketing needs and is a key tool for marketing analysts to optimise decision-making and campaign ROI. 

Current Challenges in Marketing Analytics

As a marketing analyst, you’ll be well aware that there’s a huge amount of data available nowadays, dispersed across various platforms. This creates a series of challenges:

  • Volume and Complexity: A surge in data volume and varied data structures makes it difficult to compare datasets and process them efficiently in tools like Excel.
  • Data Fragmentation: Data is scattered across platforms with different metrics and inconsistent measurement techniques, leading to communication gaps.
  • Centralisation Need: Centralising data for quick insights and real-time decision-making is fundamental to fostering a unified organisational data culture.
  • Demand for Advanced Skills: The growing need for technical expertise in SQL and data engineering is becoming integral to understanding, interpreting, and utilising data effectively.

Future Trends 

Looking ahead, at Semetrical we envisage a trajectory steering towards:

  • Data Centralisation
  • Cloud-Based Data Processing Platforms
  • Emphasis on Data Privacy and Security
  • Proliferation of Machine Learning Applications

BigQuery: Your Gateway to Smart Marketing Analytics

So, what makes BigQuery a formidable tool in this landscape? Being a Google Cloud web service, it stands out as a robust platform capable of handling and analysing big data swiftly. The core attributes of BigQuery include:

  • Real-time Data Consolidation: It allows swift data consolidation in real time using SQL or by integrating it with other platforms.
  • Enhanced Analytics Capabilities: It offers a different level of analytics capabilities compared to standard platforms like GA or Amplitude.
  • Versatility: From creating charts to automating reports and dashboards, BigQuery offers a range of functionalities to bring your data to life.

Bringing Data to Life with BigQuery

With BigQuery, you can:

  • Optimise Marketing Campaigns by merging data from different sources, like GA and CRM, to create comprehensive attribution models.
  • Personalise Customer Experience by creating data segments based on customer behaviour and integrating them into your marketing strategies.
  • Harness Predictive Analytics by utilising built-in machine learning functionalities to forecast future trends and make informed decisions.
  • Enhance Cross-Comparative Analysis by reviewing the impact of various channels and trends on your marketing metrics, helping you to fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

Implementing BigQuery: Tips and Strategies

Before you dive in, here are some words of wisdom:

  • Start small and scale up gradually.
  • Be aware of potential costs and optimise your SQL queries accordingly.
  • Foster a data culture within your organisation by promoting the use of centralised data.


To wrap up, BigQuery is a potent tool to centralise data and overcome data silos, proving indispensable in the modern digital marketing world. It facilitates optimal campaign and website performance, offering avenues to integrate centralised data into various platforms for a cohesive strategy.

Remember, start simple, envisage your desired outcomes, and scale up progressively. 

I hope this guide has ignited your excitement to explore BigQuery further. If you’d like a free consultation on how to get started with BigQuery, I can guide you through:

  • Understanding Data Flow: Learn how to feed various data sources into BigQuery and activate data through insights or marketing activities.
  • Data Pipeline Configuration: Discover tools and techniques to streamline the data pipeline stage effectively.
  • SQL Query Crafting: Embark on a journey through SQL queries, understanding functions like left join and honing your skills to develop robust queries.

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