Google Search Trends Reveal the UK’s 5 Moods of Coronavirus

  ●   April 6, 2020 | Blog, Search Trends
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April 6, 2020 | Blog, Search Trends

In this worrying and unprecedented time, Brits are looking for answers as they adapt to the ‘new normal’ of self-isolation. And where are they going to get this information? Google, of course. 

So, how is the nation really feeling? The team at Semetrical have gathered Google Trends data from the past week to find out what’s really on the mind of Brits as we enter into the unknown.

Mood 1: Anxious

With mixed messages from BoJo and differing opinions from family and friends, we’ve seen searches soar for the following:

While some are wondering who is going to look after their kids while school’s out and others are wondering where their next vitamin fix is coming from, others are toying with the big questions: ‘is it safe to play golf?!’ Priorities… 

Those more sensible folk are anxiously looking ahead to the future, with searches for ‘what will coronavirus do to house prices’ up by 250%. 

Mood 2: Panicked

The supermarkets are empty but there is enough food to go round. But is there really? I haven’t seen pasta in weeks?! Cue the panic searches:

Here we see people bringing a new meaning to ‘freezing their eggs’, with searches for ‘can you freeze eggs in the shell’ up by a massive 5,500%. And if you’re wondering… the answer is no. You can’t freeze eggs in the shell. 

We see some hopeful people are still holding out for toilet roll, with searches up by 800%, while others have given up completely opting instead for ‘toilet paper alternatives’. We don’t even want to know…

Again, the more rational amongst us are focusing on the things that really matter, with searches for ‘wine delivery uk’ up by 800%.That itself, is a mood. 

Mood 3: Inspired

Now most of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future, how are us Brits planning to spend our time? 

It seems that a lot of us are looking to get creative, with searches for ‘adult paint by numbers’ up by 5,500%, along with ‘adult jigsaws’ and ‘adult colouring books’ up by 750% and 150% respectively. How very wholesome. 

Following the wholesome trend, some are hoping to spend this time getting their Marie Kondo on, with searches for ‘30 day decluttering tips’ up by 130%.

We’re also keen to stay looking our best with searches for online yoga, workouts and make up tutorials also soaring. 

Mood 4: Bored 

While some of us are feeling inspired and positive about staying productive at home, it seems others are lacking in inspiration.

Here we see people looking for creative ways they can socialise with their friends, with searches for ‘online games to play with friends’ up by 1,200%, while others are actively looking for ways to get ‘out and about’ (from home, of course) with searches for ‘virtual museum tours’ soaring by 500%.

Others simply want to know who else has got it, and some just want to watch films and send memes. Quarantine-themed, of course. New searches have emerged for ‘quarantine memes’ and ‘quarantine and chill’, up by 1,500% and 5,500% respectively. 

Mood 5: Ridiculous

So while there are parents worried about feeding their kids and people worried about whether they can see their grandma, some have other ideas….

Amid an influx of fake news about Corona beer sales tanking since the Coronavirus pandemic began, searches for ‘corona beer stock value’ are up 1,450%. Despite a recent survey of American beer drinkers finding that ‘38% would not buy Corona under any circumstances’ (yes, really), Marketing Professor Mark Ritson predicts that it may actually help to boost sales. 

Elsewhere, some are wondering whether a little magic in the bedroom can banish the virus, with ‘does sex help your immune system’ up 5,500% and ‘does sex kill coronavirus’ up 500%. We’ll leave that one there.

Semetrical are at the forefront of identifying changes in user search patterns. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on the Semetrical blog during the coming weeks.


Data was collected between 12-19th March 2020 using Google Trends. Please note, Google rounds average search figures up or down, which is why repeated numbers appear.

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