GA4 for Marketing Managers: Your Questions Answered

  ●   May 31, 2023 | Analytics
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May 31, 2023 | Analytics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a powerful new way of being able to track and optimise your marketing reporting capabilities, and gain greater insights into your customer’s online behaviour. 

And with just two months to go before Universal Analytics is sunsetted for good, GA4 will soon be your go-to reporting platform. 

But, from what we’ve seen over the last few weeks and months, many marketing managers are still getting to grips with how to adopt and adapt to using GA4 to perform regular reporting tasks. So, we’re here to help!

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At Semetrical, we have many years of experience dealing with Google’s event-centric tracking model. We have robust implementation procedures that will help you keep all of your existing tracking insights, whilst getting the most out of the new GA4 product features.

So we’ve asked our Analytics experts, Thomas Voyle and Danny Smith, to provide an overview of the new platform, and address some of the most common questions that marketers are asking around GA4. 

In this free on-demand learning event, they explain:

  • What is Google Analytics 4 & how it differs from Universal Analytics.
  • How to navigate the new interface
  • How to track user behaviour
  • How to customise GA4
  • Our top tips for getting the most out of GA4

Plus, we’re offering a 10% discount on our GA4 Training packages to everyone that signs-up to watch the webinar on-demand. 

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