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One of the most common issues many businesses face when it comes to B2B PPC stems from consumers using very broad searches that display little intent. This can make it difficult to categorise keyword themes and determine appropriate landing pages for your key audiences. At Semetrical, we use a variety of channels to target users at different stages of the conversion funnel. Driving them through with relevant content for each stage of their journey, we can maximise a return that meets your KPIs, whether that’s increasing impression share for awareness or driving leads. 


Award-winning B2B PPC Services

As a full service digital marketing agency, we offer B2B PPC agency services and create data-driven campaigns to maximise your results. We provide a comprehensive strategic approach and always work towards driving strong commercial returns. Our services include:

Strategy development and campaign management:

Our teams work to develop close alignment with your business ambitions and deliver a more effective strategy. We monitor and optimise campaigns on an ongoing basis to make sure we are always on track to achieve our targets.

Experience across all of the biggest advertising platforms:

Google Ads, Bing, YouTube, Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yahoo Japan and Yandex


Our teams provide you with detailed daily and monthly reports, containing all key metrics and giving you full transparency on what is being delivered.

We conduct a thorough audit of your competitors’ content performance in order to provide you with recommendations for your own content strategy. Our specialists develop hyper-relevant buyer personas, to provide you with a clear idea of who your audience are so we can create content and define messaging accordingly.

We develop your content strategy based on our research to meet your business objectives. Our approach focuses on understanding the heartbeat of your brand, values and tone of voice to inform the messaging and ideation. Our content specialists establish a content calendar and matrix based on industry research which is tailored to your buyer personas, and focuses on delivering measurable KPI improvements.

Our content specialists have a passion for creating engaging content across a wide array of formats - including blog posts, video, design, podcasts and whitepapers. We develop content specifications based on SEO, social media & CRM research to ensure that content produced gains online visibility, secures more organic traffic and converts leads to generate revenue at all stages of the sales funnel.

Our content promotion campaigns are fully integrated into content plans, ensuring no disconnect between how content is made and how it is delivered to the audience. Promotion is intelligently informed by buyer personas, messaging and target audience to ensure a fully optimised publishing plan. Using a mixture of promoted and organic social media, we use intelligent audience targeting to reach your audience at the right time and with the correct message.


"Semetrical have been key to enabling us to grow our business. They maintain the same high quality staff and manage to produce reporting that is easy to understand by someone from a non-search background. They have taken the time to really understand our business and our goals and share our passion for achieving them. We are always happy to recommend them."

Paul Slinn,Managing Director, Flexioffices


Multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships


Increase YoY ROI with our award-winning services

At Semetrical, our specialised Paid Media team has extensive experience in B2B & Enterprise PPC, having managed global and local accounts to a number of leading businesses across a wide range of industries. This is well reflected in our prestigious award wins and nominations, including: Best Use of Search in B2B at the 2019 European Search Awards, as well as Best PPC Campaign 2017 European Search Awards, in addition to being nominated for several awards at the UK 2020 Biddable Awards.  It is our data driven approach that separates us from most other agencies in many different service areas, as well as our comprehensive strategic approach and always work towards driving strong commercial returns. Semetrical have developed several bespoke technologies which a provide extremely thorough and well targeted data driven services. As well as this, we invest into many cutting edge 3rd party technologies, that give us coverage of the entire social web. We dedicate time and effort in providing detailed analysis and campaign optimisation for all our clients and always develop a tailored strategy to complement each channel. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we operate several difference service teams which means we carry expertise across the board, keeping up to date with industry news and taking action to help our clients stay ahead of the curve at all times.  Our partnership with Flexioffices involved the management and development of a full-service digital marketing strategy. Together, we were able to help establish them as the UK’s number one serviced office brokerage. During the project, £26M of revenue was directly attributable to paid media, we saw a £1.5M Increase in revenue YoY and 50% increase in ROI YoY.


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