Putting 'Owned' Data At The Heart Of Your Content Marketing

Putting ‘Owned’ Data At The Heart Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

April 12th, 2016 Posted by Content Marketing, SEO 0 comments on “Putting ‘Owned’ Data At The Heart Of Your Content Marketing Strategy”

If you keep up-to-date with the latest content marketing and SEO news, you’d be forgiven for believing that ‘Content is King’, and to a certain degree it is. Content marketing the most effective strategy for consistently earning high authority backlinks, and establishing a brand’s organic visibility on Google.

However, over recent years the web has been inundated with so much low quality, or mediocre content that it is hard to stand-out and earn links from authoritative domains. We propose that as a matter of fact – ‘Data is King‘.

Companies often have access to a wealth of ‘owned’ data which itself can offer unique insights which are truly newsworthy when interwoven into a well-planned content marketing strategy.

Ask yourself, if you were a journalist or a blogger – would you rather be sent an email promoting a ‘How to’ guide, or a unique data insight which is not readily available to all? By combining ‘owned’ data with an effective promotion strategy, a company is much more likely to receive a backlink when sourced by a 3rd party who are referencing the data on their website.

Below you’ll find a case study which showcases how Semetrical used FlexiOffices’ owned data as the backbone of a content marketing strategy which recieved coverage on some of London’s largest publications.

Semetrical Case Study – Average Monthly Price Per Desk – London Tube Map (FlexiOffices)

Semetrical’s objective was to manage a content marketing project which reached, and engaged the FlexiOffices’ target personas. The target audience personas were entrepreneurs, managing directors, HR professionals and freelancers seeking a flexible office space solution.

We understood that the cost and practicality of commuting was a “pinch point” for these target audiences, so we requested to use FlexiOffices’ owned data to map the average monthly price per desk for London tube stations (Zone one) & tube lines.

The objective from an SEO perspective was to gain inbound links from high authority domains, whilst generating wide social media coverage.

The ‘Owned’ Data Infographic

The Average Price Per Desk – London Tube Map infographic was created. Simplicity and familiarity was the focus, we needed the audience to be able to understand the data, and recognise the tube map. A sense of scale for average price was added, as well as a comparison of average price per desk for each tube line.


Prospecting and Promotion

Semetrical used advanced prospecting methods to identify influencers. Following this, outreach communications were sent, along side the distribution of a press release titled, “Study reveals Northern Line as the most affordable tube line for office space in London (Zone 1), whilst Jubilee Line is shown to be the most expensive.” We utilised Pressat as our press release distribution service – it’s quick and easy to set-up, and you can submit your press release to a targeted group of journalists.

Social media promotion was used to distribute the creative across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



Media Coverage & Link Acquisition

The Average Monthly Price Per Desk – London Tube Map infographic featured on the City AM website. The project which used FlexiOffices’ ‘owned’ data was featured in City AM’s print publication – which has a daily readership of 399,000 professionals.

CITY AM Print - Tube Map

TimeOut – one of London’s largest publications – also featured the infographic on their website.

TimeOut - Flexi

Fish4jobs – one of the UK’s largest recruiter websites – covered the project on their career advice blog.

Fish4 Tube Map

The content marketing project earned FlexiOffices a number of backlinks from high-authority, relevant domains. The link acquisition mechanism was the ‘owned’ data which the websites sourced when covering the narrative.

Social Media Metrics

According to Shared Count – the social media metrics of the project totaled at 569 shares, 303 likes and 37 comments. This includes measurement of engagement on 3rd party social media activity. This demonstrates the PR potential when harnessing ‘owned’ data at the heart of your content marketing strategy.

In Search Of The Google Snippet

By using ‘owned’ data to offer the web unique, quality content, you’re more likely to be featured in a Google snippet. The FlexiOffices’ Average Price Per Desk – London Tube Map data surfaced in a Google snippet for the keyword ‘average price per desk london’. We recommend placing the data in a table below the content for Google to locate and display accordingly.

google snippet

Conclusion & Actionable Takeaways

Here is where we tell you what we learned, our conclusion right?

We’ve established that by mining the ‘owned’ data that a company posses, you can find insights which can be crafted into newsworthy content, capable of earning backlinks from the most authoritative websites and blogs. So to summarise:

  • Always define your target persona(s), and identify their ‘pinch points’ which you can address through content marketing.
  • Establish the types of ‘owned’ data that your company, or client, has readily available.
  • Take the time to experiment with the ‘owned’ data to identify newsworthy stories that appeal to your target persona(s).
  • Invest in producing a well-design infographic or creative – something which is recognisable to your target persona(s).
  • Prospect a list of influencers (bloggers & journalists) who would be interested in the content.
  • Write a professional press release, it helps to start with “Study reveals…” or “Research has shown…” to build credibility.
  • We’d recommend assigning at least three quarters of your content production budget to promotion across social media channels.
  • Monitor all engagement, and respond to all influencers to develop long-term relationships. This will benefit your next content marketing project.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that these insights will inspire you to explore your ‘owned’ data, and can help you succeed with your content marketing strategies. We warmly invite you to share your experiences in the comments section.

You can see the Average Price Per Desk – London Tube Map infographic by clicking on the link.

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