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34 Expert Insights on Backlinks for SEOs from Pubcon 2016

November 7th, 2016 Posted by SEO 0 comments on “34 Expert Insights on Backlinks for SEOs from Pubcon 2016”

Pubcon 2016 was packed with expert insights from the best in the business. We’ve summarised 34 key insights from the backlinks conference talks. Optimise your knowledge of off-page SEO, with the insights from Pubcon below:

  1. Gary Iylles on Penguin 4.0: Previous demotions have been taken away.
  2. Gary Iylles states that there is no demotion anymore for websites with poor backlinks. But Penguin could discount all the backlinks should you undertake ‘spammy’ link building.
  3. Previous Penguin algorithm was about demotion of websites. Now, Google states they will just “devalue” poor backlinks. However, we cannot spam Google with obvious linking patterns.
  4. It is INTEGRAL to build new trustworthy backlinks, it’s not enough to solely disavow the ‘spam’ backlinks which previous resulted in a penalty.
  5. It is WITHIN Google’s guidelines to ask for a backlink during the outreach process.
  6. Google is now using an entirely new algorithm for reviewing link profiles. Now there will be less volatility, and a rise in incremental changes.
  7. Penguin 4.0 is now operating on a page/keyword level.
  8. You DO still need to use the disavow, just be careful not to disavow backlinks which may provide some benefit to overall authority.
  9. There will be an increase in manually applied backlink spam penalties. The disavow file will safeguard websites.
  10. You NEED quality backlinks in order to recover ranking positions with Penguin 4.0.
  11. If you don’t have a manual penalty, then a campaign to get those sites removed is likely to be pointless. Disavow files alone ARE enough.
  12. You NEED an integrated strategy for building backlinks.
  13. Before it was enough to get links from quality webpages to your website. Now you must become an Entity, and get linked in Entity data sources.
  14. Try to earn backlinks from sources which will define your company as an entity to Google, these include: Wikipedia, WikiData, W3C, LinkedData.org.
  15. Schema for link sources: Use JSON (SameAs code) on homepage to define your company as an Entity to Google. This <SameAs> code should list the social media profiles, and Wikipedia page.
  16. Uber suggest + MDKWs will provide content opportunities to answer long-tail search queries. Cross reference this with AdWords planner.
  17. Search Google News for “infographics” to identify prospects who cover infographics in general.
  18. Use owned email-lists to promote infographics.
  19. ALWAYS say thank you to bloggers/journalists who feature client infographics – begin to build relationships.
  20. Content that takes 40 – 100 hours + to create are key for top backlinks.
  21. Keep the same URLs for recurring evergreen content. Update Page titles, and retain URL.
  22. eBook content works well for link acquisition and CRM – Include modern graphics, short introduction, mechanic to receive the free content, book in numbers. Include other websites and approach them once complete.
  23. Identify topics which are one degree out from the client’s topic if it’s not immediately attractive. (E.G budget instead of payday loans) – Check how many links these topics are getting.
  24. Research shows the closer the link acquisition/content topic is to the target keyword semantic topic, the better for SEO. Topics which are one-step out are still valuable.
  25. Links from a diverse number of unique IPs are valuable.
  26. Build relationships BEFORE asking for backlinks in return.
  27. Manual actions are generally seen from using one link acquisition tactic too much.
  28. Sign up to HARO (Help a reporter out) to find writers who are looking for expert opinions in real-time.
  29. Call journalists, don’t only email. Ensure you research and understand the news cycle that is relevant to your target journalists.
  30. Send bloggers info on what we’re working on in advance of launching your content.
  31. Press releases with visuals get 3x more engagement.
  32. Promote the URLs that the media have covered your content on via social media and tell the influencer to build the relationship further.
  33. PRESS HOOKS: Offer an Interview, free demo, first glimpse or exclusive access.
  34. BLOGGER HOOKS: Offer to send written content, to send assets and tell them you’ll promote their post on social media after the publishing.

The insights listed above were sourced directly from the following experts in SEO & backlinks:

  • Gary Iylles – @methode
  • Marie Haynes – @marie_haynes
  • Paul Macnamara – @therealpmac
  • Dixon Jones – @dixon_jones
  • Loren Baker – @lorenbaker
  • Shahid Awan – @shahidawan
  • Paul Madden – @pauldavidmadden
  • Arnie Kuenn – @ArnieK
  • Rhea Drysdale – @Rhea

As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts on these expert tips straight from Pubcon 2016.

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