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How we use cookies:

Semetrical have a cookie usage policy to ensure that we provide you with the best experience that we possibly can.

By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. See our Privacy Policy to learn more, including your choices.

Firstly, let us outline what cookies are. Cookies are small files that we store on your computer after you visit our website that allow us to track your behaviour, and target you via advertising channels with relevant information after you leave our website.

Tracking is vital to monitoring the performance of websites – it doesn’t allow us to identify a person specifically, it just gives us an anonymous view of what people are doing on the site. Sometimes websites can break or people don’t like how they work. Tracking allows us to see this and make the experience better for the end user. It also allows us to judge the success of a website in the same way a supermarket might measure the footfall in their store.

Cookies are also used to target you with advertisements. Whilst this might sound invasive to some, we don’t agree. If you didn’t have the cookies you’d still have the same number of adverts, you’d just be more likely to receive adverts for things that weren’t actually relevant to you. Not being able to target people also plays into the hands of larger corporations where they can afford to monopolise the entire space. The likelihood that a small business could market to its appropriate market is greatly reduced meaning their efforts are likely to be more effective. In short, advertising cookies mean the same amount of advertisements online but that they are of a greater diversity and more likely to be relevant to you.

How we use/store data from our clients:

Our clients sometimes share their own data with us. We use this data to better understand their customers and to help advise on ways they can improve their business. We also sometimes use this data to get interesting insights into their industry. Here is an example for our client Flexioffices, where we took data on what their customers were spending on their offices to work out the average cost of a desk in London:

We take a great deal of care whenever a client shares information with us especially if it contains personal information. Files are encrypted before transit, only shared via secure channels and only stored on encrypted drives. We only store this data for as long as there is a business requirement. After this it is securely deleted.

Updating and accessing your information upon request:

The Data Protection Officer

1 Primrose Street

You can write to us to update or change the information and data that we hold about you. Alternatively, you may request for us to remove your private data completely. We may request that this written request is supported with proof of identification.

020 3198 9963
1 Primrose Street

020 3198 9963
55 Canning Street

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